Question from Ratso33

Will my laptop cope with this ??

hi am new to all this and very much not a tech-head so just wondered if this laptop would run DDO ???
lntel Core i3-350M Processor
Intel HD Graphics with digital HDMI connector

sorriankphoenix asked for clarification:

What is the total RAM and excat video care specifications? Also are you wireless or wired? If wireless, how many 'bars' do you get with your wireless?

Ratso33 provided additional details:

sorry i've been on holiday so hadn't seen your reply
i did post all the stats of the laptop but only a bit of the info seems to show
my problem was i could find any details at all on the graphics card and hoped more savvy pc user would know something. In the end downloaded the game and tried it , works fine. Thank for trying to help anyway cheers


rose_legend07 answered:

A friend of mine plays this game on his laptop. He says he can play it well. But as an added feature, you might want to purchase a mouse and use it; when you battle, you have to left click to swing the sword, and trying to tap the mouse is a bit much.
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