Question from Goyoshi12

Money, True or False?

Is it true that the game is free?


MephistoVI answered:

Yes and no. The core of the game is free. There are many areas that need to be purchased however. You DO earn DDO points (shop currency) by earning favor and for completing certain achievements (once per server). Since the points go to your account, and not to each character (limiting your free points), you can complete the achievements and favor on other servers as well. By earning points as such, you can buy stuff from the shop without having to spend a penny out of your pocket, but still not enough to buy all of the extra areas.
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DL_C answered:

To expand on MephistoVI's comment, you do end up getting turbine points for a character being the first of yours on that server to do something, but all characters of yours will earn some turbine points as you reach like, every 100 or so total favor, regardless of how many you've played on the server. And, you can do this on each of the servers. So, with enough time and hard work, you can unlock everything without paying anything... but it is a lot of work.
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