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The Last Stand Elite Status ?

G'day all i just got my Ork to lvl 20 2day just a few questions

is there any point to upgrading ur status to elite rank ?

when u are reset to lvl1 do u have to re-unlock all ur wargear
again ?

do u get more wargear ?

is it worth it ?

do u only play with other players that have upgraded to elite status when u do upgrade ?


blueninjaman answered:

From what i have seen, when you upgrade to elite status, your level is reset to level 1, you do lose all your abilities bar the ones you start off with, and need to re-unlock them

the benefits of the Elite status, are firstly, it gives you a new commander item that increases the score you get, which i think gets more powerful every time you get to 20 and become elite again

and also you will get a green dot underneath your emblem in last stand matches (your emblem that represents your level, so for level 1, you emblem is that circle, at 20, its the gold skulls).

so unless you really want to get a high score, its not worth it
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