Empire: Total War Cheats


  • Steam Achievements

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A New RomeDemonstrate outstanding ability, and capture one hundred regions.
    Accomplished StrategistComplete the main campaign game on the easy difficulty setting.
    Affairs of HonourUse your duellists to kill twenty men on the "field of honour"
    American HeroComplete the Road to Independence campaigns freeing the American colonists from British rule!
    Assassin!Use your assassins to kill, in unlooked-for fashion, twenty men who hinder your plans.
    BloodedDemonstrate your sense of duty and honour: complete ten multi-player battles.
    Bloody MadmanCarve a bloody path to victory: kill a hundred thousand enemies!
    Command of the OceanAs a commanding admiral, win ten multi-player naval battles.
    Conqueror of AllBe hailed as a true conqueror: kill a million enemies!
    Drumbeat to VictoryDraw the sword and march onwards: complete one quick battle.
    Emperor of EuropeSubdue and hold all the provinces and regions in Europe at the same time.
    Expansionist PowerCapture ten regions, anywhere in the world.
    Founding FatherTake one region by conquest, somewhere in the world.
    Grand TacticianWin ten classic multi-player battles.
    Into the Breach!Attack! Attack! Attack! Win ten multi-player siege battles when commanding a besieging army.
    l337 GuardAchieve victory in ten multiplayer battles, cutting a bloody path to greatness through your enemies' plans.
    Maharajah of the IndiesHave mastery over all the provinces and regions in India at the same time.
    Marshal's BatonAchieve victory in fifty multiplayer battles, dashing your enemies' hopes in pieces in the process!
    Master of the AmericasConquer or control all the provinces and regions in the Americas at the same time.
    Observe Diplomatic NicetiesUse diplomatic threats to good effect by making gains from five separate negotiations.
    Only Obeying OrdersEnsure that thirty missions, regardless of detail or type, are successfully brought to a conclusion.
    Perfidious BeastUse treachery to best effect by turning against at least five allied nations and attacking them.
    PolymathHave your natural philosophers and scientists research all the technologies available to your nation.
    Raw RecruitWar sir, is a terrifying experience! Take part in a multiplayer battle.
    Strategic GeniusComplete the main campaign game on the hard difficulty setting.
    The "Chevaux de Frise"Defend, sir, defend! Win ten multi-player siege battles when commanding the defenders of a fortress.
    The Efforts of OthersSuccessfully steal five technologies researched by other nations.
    Tyrant and OgreBring terror to the hearts of men: kill half a million enemies!
    Veteran StrategistComplete the main campaign game on the medium difficulty setting.
    Whiff of GrapeshotGain some experience of combat: complete one ranked battle.

    Contributed By: dementedlullaby.

Medieval Total War Gold Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    These are entered in Strategic Mode.

    Alliances can't be made.nuttermode.
    Construction is faster.worksundays.
    Get a lot of copper.mefoundsomecu.
    Get a lot of gold.mefoundsomeau.
    Get a lot of iron.viagra.
    Get a lot of money.deadringer.
    Get a lot of silver.mefoundsomeag.
    Makes the AI easy.kidsmode.
    Unlocks all buildings.badgerbunny.

    Contributed By: fjer.

Rome: Total War Gold Edition Cheats


  • Family member traits

    When in game press the ~ key, and enter the codes (replacing the words character name with your character's name) to give/remove the character trait in the right column.
    NOTE: use quotation marks
    NOTE: space between last " and number is optional

    Abstemiousgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"2
    Abstruse Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"3
    Aesteticgive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"3
    Agitatorgive_trait "Character Name" "RabbleRouser"1
    Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"2
    Austeregive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"3
    Axebittengive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"1
    Berserkergive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"3
    Blessed With Vitalitygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"4
    Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"2
    Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"1
    Casual Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"1
    Confident Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"1
    Confident Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"1
    Confident in Defensegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"1
    Connoissergive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"2
    Conquerorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"3
    Conqueroring Herogive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"3
    Consumate PoliticianPoliticsSkill"give_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"3
    Demagoguegive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"4
    Devoutgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"1
    Distrusts Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"1
    Draughtsmangive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"1
    Drillmastergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"2
    Energeticgive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"3
    Epert on Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"2
    Epic Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"3
    Exceptional Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"3
    Famous Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"2
    Famous Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"2
    Famously Courageousgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"3
    Fluent Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"1
    Fond of Ribald Rymesgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"1
    Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"2
    Gate Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1
    Gate Keepergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1
    Good Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"1
    Good Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"2
    Good Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"2
    Good Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"2
    Gourmet of Lifegive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"1
    Great Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"3
    Great Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"4
    Great Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"4
    Great Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"4
    Great Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"3
    Great Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"2
    Hates Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"2
    Heroic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"5
    Heroic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"5
    Honors the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"3
    Insanely Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"5
    Into the Breachgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3
    Irredeemably Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"4
    Legendary City Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4
    Legendary Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"5
    Legendary Siege Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4
    Legendary Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"4
    Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"1
    Loathes Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"3
    Logistical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"2
    Logisticiangive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"3
    Lover of Beautygive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"1
    Martinetgive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"3
    Mighty War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"2
    Natural Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"3
    None Shall Passgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3
    Obessional Trainergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"1
    Outstanding Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"1
    Philisophically inclinedgive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"1
    Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"2
    Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"2
    Political Animalgive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"1
    Politiciangive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"2
    Rabblerousergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"3
    Rarified Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Epurean"3
    Refined Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"2
    Religiousgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"2
    Remove Administraively Ineptgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-2
    Remove Aggressively Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-3
    Remove Apician Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-3
    Remove Atheistgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-2
    Remove Blatant Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-2
    Remove Boring Beyond Beliefgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-3
    Remove Boring Little Titgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-4
    Remove Boring Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-2
    Remove Catamitegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-2
    Remove Cold Mannergive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-2
    Remove Cowers Behind Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-1
    Remove Craven Cowardgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-3
    Remove Despises the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-3
    Remove Dislikes Attacking Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-1
    Remove Doubtful Couragegive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-1
    Remove Drunkardgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-3
    Remove Drunken Loutgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-4
    Remove Faithlessgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-1
    Remove Fascinated by Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-3
    Remove Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-2
    Remove Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-2
    Remove Gourmandgive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-1
    Remove Grotesquely Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-4
    Remove Hates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-4
    Remove Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-1
    Remove Incompetent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-2
    Remove Incompetent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-2
    Remove Incompetent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-2
    Remove Indiferent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-1
    Remove Indifferent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-1
    Remove Indifferent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-1
    Remove Indolentgive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-3
    Remove Indolent Lardy Arsegive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-4
    Remove Inveterate Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-3
    Remove Jobsworthgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-1
    Remove Kills With Kindnessgive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-3
    Remove Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-2
    Remove Liability in Defensegive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-3
    Remove Likes a Drinkgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-2
    Remove likes a fluttergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-1
    Remove Likes Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-2
    Remove Miniongive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-1
    Remove Morbidly Fearfulgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-2
    Remove Paralyticgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-6
    Remove Pathetic Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-3
    Remove Pathetic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-4
    Remove Pathetic Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-3
    Remove Pathetic Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-4
    Remove Pathetic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-4
    Remove Pathetic Defender of Citiesgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-2
    Remove Pig Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-2
    Remove Poor Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-1
    Remove Poor Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-3
    Remove Poor Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-3
    Remove Poor Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-3
    Remove Poor Disciplinariangive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-1
    Remove Rather Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-1
    Remove Restrainedgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-1
    Remove Rotten Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-2
    Remove Ruled be Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-4
    Remove Ruled by luckgive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-4
    Remove Sexual Predatorgive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-5
    Remove Sotgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-5
    Remove Stoicgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-3
    Remove Stunningly Incompetentgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-3
    Remove Tedious Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-1
    Remove Too Considerategive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-2
    Remove Useless Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-2
    Remove Welcoming to Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-1
    Remove Willfully Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-3
    Remove Womanisergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-3
    Remove Won't Take No for an Answergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-4
    Rhetorical Exportgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"3
    Self publicisedgive_trait "Character Name" "IanR"1
    Sheildbitergive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"2
    Skilled Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"2
    Skilled Debatorgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"2
    Sneaky Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"2
    Sobergive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"1
    Social Drinkergive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"1
    Spartangive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"2
    Stategic Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"2
    Stategistgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"3
    Sterngive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"1
    Strong as Stonegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2
    Strong Languagegive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"1
    Superb Administratorgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"3
    Superior Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"3
    Superior Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"3
    Superior Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"3
    Swears Like a Troopergive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"3
    Tactical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"1
    Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"2
    Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"2
    Teetotalgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"3
    Tub-Thumpergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"2
    Understanding of Logisticsgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"1
    Understanding of Mathematicsgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"3
    Understanding of Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"1
    Understanding of Strategygive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"1
    Understanding of Tacticsgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"1
    Understanding of Taticsgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"3
    Untouched by Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"1
    Utterly Fearlessgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"4
    Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"1
    Venerates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"4
    Very Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"2
    Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"1
    Wall Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2
    War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"1
    Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"3

    Contributed By: fjer.

Shogun: Total War Cheats


  • All know cheats for Shogun Total War

    Enter these codes during the gameplay by typing to words and the dot in front.

    you must have the updated version of the game to use these codes

    Full Map .matteosartori or .daggins
    Unlimited KoKu .muchkoku
    Unlimited army life .prototypearmy
    all provinces have copper .ifoundsomecu

    Contributed By: Lithpiperpilot.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter at the strategy screen. Be sure to include the . at the beginning and the . at the end.

    Control the rebel forces and gain command of region Zero..conan.
    Contstruct armories in any territory despite iron sand deposits..viagra.

    Contributed By: Minamoto_Uesugi.

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