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Keep getting interrupted when I load the Ballista?

I've killed all the enemies around the Ballista at the start of the game, but every time I start to load the Ballista I get interrupted and have to fight more enemies. I've killed over a dozen groups of enemies but they just keep coming. What do I need to do to get past that point to load and aim the Ballista?? I hope there's not a bug in the Steam version of this game.

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cynicalsaint answered:

You have to click quickly to fill up the meter, if you don't get it loaded fast enough another wave of enemies will spawn.
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hieiwrath answered:

In this part you need to fight only 2 more groups after defeating the group that was near the ballista.
You need to keep pressing the mouse button to adjust the ballista and another time to load the ballista.
If you press the mouse button correctly the ballist will load in no more than 5 seconds.
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gpence answered:

You have to click the mouse button VERY quiclky and fill the meter up.
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Hero_Legacy answered:

Yeah, click the mouse as fast as possible to fill the meter up.
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blue_devil_99 answered:

Press the indicated button repeatedly. There is a bar onscreen that fills up as you press it.

Note that no matter what you do in this part, you will face two additional waves of enemies (beyond those you kill to reach the ballista in the first place) in between Geralt winding, aiming, and firing the balista. These are scripted events and will occur regardless of what happens in the QTE.
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