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Asked: 3 years ago

Avoiding the Dragon in Blood of his Blood?

How do I avoid the dragon when it's chasing Geralt and the King down the battlements? It says to click the right mouse button when it appears on the screen but it never does and the dragon always catches up to Geralt and the King and smushes the heck out of them, which means I'm stuck at the end of the prologue and can't get any further :( am I misiing something?

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From: LancelotLoire 3 years ago

Try moving just slightly to the left when you're running down. I noticed for me personally that my character was drifting slightly to the right and was getting bumped just to the left when I hit the corner. That slowed my forward momentum down JUST enough for the dragon to catch me.

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Just keep holding down/S, the dragon won't be able to hit you at all, and just keep your finger near the RMB because from time to time, it prompts you to press it

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I tried this like ten times, then I connected my Xbox360 controller and made it finally. Strange....

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I kept pressing s until it said to right click. After a couple tries i realized that when the icon appears the dragon is about to blow fire. When this happened you can duck into a side area on the walkway to avoid the flames then continue running to safety.

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