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Key mapping help?

I'm disabled I can't use my left hand for the WASD keys on movement, the spacing is to tight so I always remap to the numpad 8 for up, 4 for left 2 for down 6 for right.

is there Any way I can key map this?

I can't even play the game now.

elessarGObonzo asked for clarification:

i don't know what their problem is with the key bindings. i'm tryin to find some way to remap the keys without usin a 3rd party program. seems pretty stupid having it limited to only a few keys for remaps i had The Witcher mapped out perfect and will find a way to make this one the same.

elessarGObonzo asked for clarification:

Yes, you can run the configurator input settings but the keys that can be mapped are limited to only a few. I got 9 extra keys with the sidewinder series mouse/keyboard and there's only about 12 keys in all on the keyboard that can be used, that's counting the predefined ones that cannot be changed. None of the numpad, directional, or most on the right side of the board can be used at all. It's working okay with T, Y, G, H mapped with my extra mouse buttons for actions but it doesn't make sense to limit it like this. Come on Projekt Red, lets have an update/fix, especially for our disabled friend here!

Accepted Answer

bcarl answered:

For Users.ini in your Documents, not the game installation folder:


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Slash_out answered:

You can remap from the Configurator of the game. Go into the bin folder, launch "Configurator.exe"
There choose "input settings..." at the bottom of the windows.
There you can double click on the key you want to remap and choose which one to replace it with.
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