Question from bansheeking74

The game box says my RADEON HD 4850 is the recommended system requirements????

According to my game box I have the recommended system requirements so should be able to play it on the medium settings but it is far too choppey so can only play it on low setting. Is there something I can do to make it play on medium??.........PLEASE HELP!!!!

bansheeking74 provided additional details:

Thanks bud, it worked for me also. Cheers:)

jtabs asked for clarification:

disabled v-sync but didn't resolve overly sensitive mouse and sluggish keyboard problems and this is after I changed the config.ini, any other suggestions?


DeviantWhisper answered:

Try switching v-sync off, worked for me...
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Where is the v-sync off?
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SolidSnqke answered:

Bite the bullet and buy a better graphics card. they aren't that expensive. if your not feeling that, go into advanced graphic settings. turn off antialiasing, uber sampling, complex shadows, pretty much everything that is a bell and/or whistle.
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