Question from DarthShadow666

How do I solve the Spellbreaker quest?

In the quest "the spellbreaker" you are required to activate candles around a chest in a specific order. i have followed the diagram pictures and even read the official guide but when i do the apropiate order (the third picture) the candles fail to stay lit. has anyone else had this issue or know how to get past

Accepted Answer

onbeslist answered:

For me it was the third diagram in Philippa's note's that worked after trying the first two.

The diagrams are written so that you need to stand next to Philippa, facing the chest.
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craziii3 answered:

Follow the first diagram.
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StevensFAQs answered:

I took the majority vote of the diagrams. I lit the candle for which two out of three diagrams said '1' first, etc. My order was bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right, centre.
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