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How do I open the gate to the temple?

How to open the big gate to the temple? Where the king and the soldier try to break the gate outside? Thx

aldosintoro provided additional details:

I have defeat all enemies there, but I can't find that key, now I'm already inside the temple I must open the gate and let the soldier and the king in too. But how? every enemy has been death already. Thx b4

Accepted Answer

KJRipp answered:

Go back from the gate and into the town. You can wander around saving civilians from the soldiers if you like, but eventually you should find an area where the king's soldiers have some villagers lined up against a wall. To the left of them is an alleyway that you can go through by breaking the wooden wall at the back with your Aard sign. Past there, drop down the well and follow that path. Eventually you will get to a point where you can see the king on the other side of the gate. One of the enemies there has a key which you can use to open the gate (you have to go back inside the previous room to open the gate once you get the key).
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