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Last boss epic phail technical BUG?

Ok I've played the entire game bug free. Not a single problem.

I'm now at the before-last boss (the dragon). Right after he (actually, she) destroys the floor under me, and i jump on the top of the broken wall portion. The next move would be to climb up the next portion of wall. I click to "climb", and Geralt keeps does a neverending side walk (a bug). He will not climb the wall. I've tried everything, I am stuck here. I tried installing the 1.1 patch and it does not fix the problem. I unfortunately deleted my installation files and am currently redownloading them. I'll try reinstalling the game. Has anyone encountered this climax-breaking crappy bug?

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ais_bn answered:

Yeah, quite a few people found the same glitch, myself included. Seems like the problem is linked to the Dragon's health level. I don't wanna spoil the fight, so I'll just say that what's working for people is avoiding damaging the Dragon too much as you climb the tower: just run away from it while inside the tower and do the fight proper only atop of the building....
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