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How do I get into the sewers in act III?

I have found the enterance to the serwers but it tells me it is locked.... =( I have killed tons of patrols and such and no key. Can someone plz help a brutha out?


XxHitokirixX answered:

If it says locked, then it's either unlocked by someone else or through a quest - or even not at all. If you're missing a key, it'll tell you, "Key Required". I'm not sure exactly where you are, but the sewer entrances I remember offhand are in the basement of Phillipa's house, and to the left of the Mighty Numa. It's through a door.
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Goku1213 answered:

There is two enterences to the sewer. One is a blueish door that requires no key, which is near the large man you can arm wrestle. This is the door you should take. The other is a tunnel guarded by two guards. you shouldnt take this one
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chronicanswer answered:

If you cannot find the key but got the letter after killing Angus, then just go to the sewers.
Find the two idiots guarding a bar door, which isn't too far from the sewer entrance that you take where Raymond used to live (which is where the Dentist lives, now). You don't really need a key for this, though.

Talk to the guard on the right and show him the letter. He'll ask you for a password. The password is "Thorn"--by doing this, no one inside the hideout knows that you are the witcher and you'll receive what you've come for. This way seems less stressful.
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