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Potion for Kayran?

what ingrediants do I need to make the potion for poison prevention of Kayran, i got that flower thing in the cave, now wat do i do, i go to create potion but it wont create, shows Aether empty


I_R answered:

Get some Aether then -.-
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blue_devil_99 answered:

There's a female herbalist in Lobinden who sells many different alchemy ingredients. She should have at least one of each colored ingredient (possibly except red). To see which alchemial substance a certain ingredient contributes, check the item description, paying attention to the color of the circle.

I'm also sure that between killing Nekkers, Endregas, and Drowners and carefully searching around the forest you'll find some of whatever ingredient you need. But visiting the herbalist should always work.
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arb456 answered:

If you collect all the plants you run across going about your regular duties, you should have more than enough to make this potion, or whatever other potions you need. I also recommend beating as many other quests as possible before taking on the Kayran, as it is a tough fight.
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