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Where do I find Bartholomew Bargee for arm wrestling subquest ?

Ive beat 3/4 arm wrestlers in ch1 village, now where do i find this bartholomew, ive been looking for him all around the village and I cant find him. Anyone know where he is?

Inudrake provided additional details:

Where exactly is he outside of the city?

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Kahlmulandr answered:

He is the boatmaker of the village. Follow Csviper's directions and look for a guy hammering on the boat frame nearby. Also note he and his mother tend to have a pretty long conversation about the death of the king.
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I_R answered:

Hes outside the city.
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csviper answered:

Get out of the city from the east door and then head left, you'll fined him inside his house or at the river bank (green circle in the mini-map).
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