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What is the best strategy for earning money? Please help.

Hi. I was just wondering how i could earn some easy money in the game (besides selling monster parts)...any advice?


masoud11 answered:

You can fight at inns.Thats the best way .You can also arm wrestle, but it is more difficult.
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bishoparts answered:

Brawling in the pubs, arm-wrestling and monster drops notwithstanding, you can also make a fair amount of money by making an abundance of potions from those same monster drops and selling the potions instead.

Also, weapons, though quite heavy, are also good for at least 7-15 gold each, and thankfully the townspeople are pretty oblivious when it comes to you walking into their houses and robbing them blind. Vergen (chapter 2) is a great place to pick up stacks and stacks of weapons then walk across the road and sell them to one of the same townspeople.

Chapter 1, I made a fair amount killing all the Scoiatel and looting their 'Blue Mountain' swords (11g each), and Chapter 2, the Kaedweni soldiers you see setting up ambushes and such (or more Scoiatel if you sided with Henselt) each sell for 8-11g. Add that with the armour you sell off after replacing, the potions you sell off and the monster parts (as well as quest rewards, of course), you can usually hit Chapter 2 with 3-5k gold depending on how much you buy as you go along.

It's not much, but it sets you up with a good start for the 10,000 gold Steam achievement if you have it available, and also gives you plenty of cash to buy the 'Epic' armours from the various vendors once you're in Chapter 2.
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Ryderych answered:

Arm wrestling. Once you defeat the chapter champion--Bart Bargee in Chapter 1, and Adam Pangratt in Chapter 2--you can wrestle them again, as many times as you want. That's 200 orens every 20 seconds or so. Save your game before each match and reload if you lose, though that adds up to a buncha saves.
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Ryderych answered:

The next patch will fix the Bart Bargee arm wrestling exploit.
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