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How do I beat the kaedweni general?

I ve tried many times in different ways but i couldnt!!!

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Dimitris1982 answered:

Thank you very much my friend i ve been playing this for hours!!!!!
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Lazyhazy answered:

I had a real hard time with this guy too, I tried spamming him with bombs but they had minimal effect, I tried pumping up with potions before entering the mist.. but when you get to face him the potions wont be active.

I was finally able to beat the Draug very easily by trapping him with the Yrden sign and getting in a few heavy blows while he is trapped. Only hit him 3 or 4 times, or else he will counter attack you. Roll away, drop another yrden, lure him into the trap, strike strike strike... repeat about 4 times and he will fall.

Like most big fights in Witcher 2, its easy when you know how.
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LordBaronsworth answered:

The way to go with most tough things in TW2: Yrden sign, roll to the back, swing till he gets free. Rinse and repeat.
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