Question from darthjim1

Can't get more than 10 fps???

I have
Intel i5-2300 2.8GHz
RAM: 6 GB Windows 7
Graphics: ati radeon HD 6450

I can't get more than 10 fps even on low specs. What gives?? Anybody got any advice

darthjim1 provided additional details:

Any recommendations on type that is good but no overly expensive? Also would it be better to get a replacement, or add a second video card?


Rager825 answered:

Get a better video card.
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Omar1313 answered:

Try That :
1. Download 1.2 Patch
2. Options : UberSampling - Disabled
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lordcthulu answered:

Like Omar suggested, make sure Ubersampling is off. It makes it look extra pretty but can bog down even the most top of the line machines
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