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Where can I find the (key) in the prolouge, in finding the sceret path entering the well in the tunnle?

When the king tells u the find another way into the castle u have to go down the well and go through the tunnle, then up a ladder at the other side. But after u get to a certant point the doors are locked. Gamestops guide says theres a key in the tunnle on a body. but i cant seem to find it. coa someone tell me where it is so is could move on. thanks!

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There is no key for that part at all till the end. you go down the sewers, fight a couple of monsters. once you come up, you will fight a few guys in a tower room, one of them will carry the key to open the door leading to the cemetery. you will have to fight a huge battle in the church court yard after that. loot the key from one of the guards and open the door to a crank lever in the previous room with a lock bar. it is the room between the cemetery and church courtyard.

good luck bro.

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