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How do I beat The Wraiths...The Witcher 2?

In the forest I come across a asylum where I go downstairs and jump through a opening in a room. Now! 1.) I grab medical records from a chest. second then two wraiths attack witcher. not the other way around. I can't seem to beat them on normal setting not easy;have not tried easy setting. witcher is level 8 I have jagged blade sun and fire ruin with the quin sign going. and those wraiths kill witcher right off. like nothin. I try to attack and pull back he ain't fast enough. And the sword dipped in specter and drinking forest stuff with it counter potion not wolf the other hollow or whatever does not do a dang thing to those wraith must be the new patch they put in for the game just making it impossible. Do I need 32 inch bicips for this level ya know is it a 20 minute workout on the keyboard. everything about this game I see on the net is to simple of answer throw the quin sign how do you throw the flippin quin sign. Speaking of simple all the computers that demonstrate witcher 2 look like 5frame a minute computers.really my question is can I pursue to the end of the game without this mission? if someone could tell me how to beat the wraiths in depth meaning even what computer they are using because those 5frame a minute computers are really good to use for levels like this. What level is witcher etc.? Then I would thankyou
gigabyte Ud9
intel Xeon 3690
12gig supertalent
gtx590 in sli
duel corsair 1050watt
all watercooled
running at stock specs with hyperthreading disabled for the physx part of this nvidia type game. running like it should!


Aminal_basic answered:

I played this part a bit early so I wasn't very high up. Using quan to protect yourself and the axii sign really help out also make some bombs. I found fire based ones work best.. Use them fast 4 or 5 usually will kill them off if not you will only need a few swings to take them down . careful there are more in there!
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