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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I start The troll trouble side quest in chapter 1?

I don't know how to start this side quest in order to obtain a troll tongue for solving this quest about a medallion.
I have 3 of the items the quest needs and I want to kill the troll to get the tongue!

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You don't need to kill the troll for the tongue, you can play dice with the right players in town(they are at the inn), the final boss player(in the non human living area outside of the village, he is one of the 2 merchants in the area) of the dice games will give you the option of having the female trolls head as your reward. now, you don't have to kill the male troll for the tongue, and can complete the male trolls quest too.

make sure you don't hand over the head for the male troll's quest before you finish the summoning quest by the female witch.

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