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Asked: 3 years ago

The Witcher 2 Weird Graphic Problem!can you help me please?

Hi everybody!i'll get quickly to the point:
just from the very first seconds the graphic is "weird",and it looks like a sort of "negative",everything is kinda "golden" with
black and white shades..sorry but i cant explain better than this..anyway it s just a graphical glitch and i ve seen many people has reported quite similar problems.
i ve tried disabling anti-aliasing filter,as suggested in one of the thread on the site, on my video card (by the way it s a NVIDIA GeForce GT 430),but it still doesn't works!
anyway, i got all the minimum system requirements to run the game with no problems,indeed i have no frame rate problems even at highest settings..
so...any idea about how to fix it?i will be grateful for life!:D

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update all your graphics card drivers, turn off some of the advanced settings you may or may not have put on and then see what happens. if you still have no luck, back up your data and then uninstall/reinstall the game. try again. and if THAT doesnt work, then consult for professional help.

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Is it artifacting? if it's just from the start and goes away, i wouldn't worry about it. if it starts as soon as you play and persists, you probably cooked your card. time to upgrade.

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