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How do I get past chapter 17?

How do I get past chapter 17?

reverenhd provided additional details:

I need to turn the lights on in the room before I can find the room that Fidget is being held in. How do I turn the lights on to complete chapter 17?


myster_nut answered:

There are posts in that room - two on each side of the stairway. Each post has a button on it, and when the buttons are pushed, the lights will flash on and off. If you count the number of times that the lights flash for each button, you will notice that one comes on only once, one flashes twice, one three times and the other four - that is the order that the buttons need to be pushed to get the lights to stay on - push the first one wait for the light to go off, push the second and wait, push the third and wait then push the fourth and the lights will flash four times then come on and stay on.
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