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How do you make a sim into a werewolf?

How do you make a Sim into a Werewolf? I have befriended a Leader of the Pack, but it won't do anything. Is there something I don't know? I don't mean the werewolf face paint.


myapace1 answered:

U have to influence it to bite you and if it doesnt work befriend a lil more until u may become its master.
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riot_13 answered:

All you do is get your friendship with the leader up to 100 (i use cheats for that) and then wait a bit. He will nibble your finger after a bit. Just, when his face comes up in you queue(did i spell that right?), see what it says. If it says Be Nibble don't do anything. Just watch. And at 8pm your character will become a werewolf. And at 6am they will turn back.
Hope I helped!
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