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Chantelise (PC)
FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0 - 08/12/2011
By Kelvin Soh (lynx_10@gmail.com)

==== CONTENTS ====
A. Introduction
B. Version History
C. Walkthrough + Treasure/Boss/Monster Guide
   i. The Plains                           
       ... Tutorials 1 & 2                             [TU1]
       ... Tutorial 3                                  [TU3]
   ii. Terran Ruins                          
        ... Path to the Ruins                          [PA2]
	... Ruined Main Gate                           [RU2]
	... Grand Staircase                            [GR2]
	... Hall                                       [HA2]
	... Cave                                       [CA2]
	... BOSS: Terran Golem (Deepest Caverns)       [TE2] 
	... BONUS: Insect King's Lair                  [IN2]
   iii. Ignan Ruins
         ... The Mountain Path                         [MO3]
	 ... Volcano Path                              [VO3]
	 ... Lava Pools                                [LA3]
	 ... Entrance to the Ruins                     [EN3]
	 ... Halls of Flame                            [HA3]
	 ... BOSS: Volcanic Crab (Mural Room)          [MU3]
	 ... BONUS: Colliseum                          [CO3]
   iv. Aquan Ruins 
        ... Wetlands                                   [WE4]
        ... Bridge to the Ruins                        [BR4]
        ... Spiral Corridor                            [SP4]
	... Underwater City                            [UN4]
	... Silent Church                              [SI4]
	... BOSS: Electrojelly (Guardian of the Ruins) [EL4]
	... BONUS: Waterways                           [WA4]
   v. Zephyran Ruins
       ... Forest of Miasma                            [FO5]
       ... Emperor-Bug's Tomb                          [EM5]
       ... The Windmill Bridge                         [WI5]
       ... Engine Room                                 [EN5]
       ... The Tempest                                 [TE5]
       ... BOSS: Atolian Wyvern (Mountain Summit)      [AT5]
       ... BONUS: Floating Gardens                     [FL5]
   vi. Sealed Palace <Coming Soon>
   vii. BONUS: Familiar Forest <Coming Soon>
D. Miscellaneous
   i.  Magic                                           [MA1]       
   ii. Open Questions                                  [OP1]
        ...Survival Dungeon        
E. Credits
F. Concluding Remarks

A. Introduction

Hi everyone! If you're here you've probably picked up Chantelise already. Great
choice, buddy, and I'm sure you'd have just an awesome a time as I had.

I don't want to type too much here (who reads Intros anyway when there's the
handy Ctrl-F) but I just want to point out that all the enemy names I will be
using are coined by myself to describe the enemies. I am not aware if there are
official names out there so do drop me a mail if you know of it.

To use the guide, each section of the main walkthrough is divided into two
parts. The first part deals with general strategies for clearing a level as
well as strategies for defeating new monster types as they appear. Meanwhile,
the boxed sections will describe how you can unlock the hidden treasure of
each level.

So that's all from me for now. Feel free to email me at lynx10@gmail.com about
anything, be it to point out errors, seek out clarifications, suggest new
strategies or more. I've also included an "Open Question" section which I
think will be interesting if someone will tackle them. Look at that section for
more detail.

B. Version History
Version 0.7 (08/12/2011)
-- Zephyran Ruins completed. 1+ dungeons more!
-- Fixed some formatting issues on the Contents (Hopefully!)

Version 0.5 (08/09/2011)
- First version released. 3 main dungeons covered, 2 more to go.

C. Walkthrough/Treasure Guide/Boss Guide

- Tutorials 1 & 2                                                       [TU1] -
The game starts out with a tutorial session. It does a pretty good job at
explaining the mechanics behind the game so I won't have much to add to it.
Besides, the gameplay basics are fairly simple and should be easily understood
even through just trial and error.

First up Chante will explain the controls of the game. She will then follow
that up with an explanation of how the magic system works in the game. The only
point that may not have been brought up is that there is no way of rearranging
the order of the magic stones after they are picked up. Chante will always use
the LATEST magic stone first (i.e. the last to be picked up.) This needs to be
kept in mind when picking up the gems, adding a tactical element to the

Also, the spells listed in the "Spell List" option on the pause menu are simply
the basic spells of the game. Other combinations of magic stones will produce a
variety of "modified" spells. Experiment a bit with the magic system to learn
more (or, head over to the magic section at M-A-1 without the hyphens) for a
more detailed explanation.)

- Tutorial 3                                                            [TU3] -
Just to be clear, "Tutorial 3" refers to the part of the game where you first
gain full control of Elise after the initial tutorial. The nomenclature used
here follows how this area is named in "Practice mode" which can be accessed
once this stage is cleared and the world map is available.

Basically, the premise of the whole game is, just like the controls, very
simple. Initially, the exit to a certain area will be locked. Defeat all the
enemies in the area to unlock the exit. From this stage onwards, every area
will also have a hidden treasure which will only reveal itself after a certain
condition (unique to each area) is fulfilled.

As the tutorial level, this area should be a cinch. Simply hunt down all the
green slimes (the minimap becomes particularly helpful,) defeat them and we can
proceed to the next area.
| TREASURE: Golden Pedestal|
| Priest's Hint: "Face down the powerful enemy" (0 HP)                        |
|    To the east of the area (east with reference to the minimap) lies a      |
| small slope that will lead you to 4 purple slimes. As hinted at by the      |
| priest, these slimes are powerful: powerful not in the dangerous way (they  |
| do not attack as far as I can tell) but because they have really high       |
| defense, both physical and magical.                                         |
|                                                                             |
|    It will hence be next to impossible if you're just starting out to       |
| obtain this treasure. Without any equipment and with Chante only able to    |
| use 2 magic stones, Icicle Edge (2 blue gems) is the only ability that will |
| damage the slime (at least, from the various methods I've tried.) There are |
| 4 slimes, which will mean we will need to find 8 blue gems in the level in  |
| order to clear out the slimes. I guess 8 blue gems isn't technically        |
| impossible, but the probability of that has to be pretty low.               |
|                                                                             |
|    Be patient, however, and you won't have to wait that long to obtain this |
| treasure. There's no rush to get this treasure as well as it is simply,     |
| well, treasure. This provides just gold, unlike the equipment some of the   |
| other areas provide.                                                        |
|                                                                             |
|    Equip Elise with some gloves (even the most basic ones) and dealing with |
| the slimes will then be a piece of cake. These gloves can either be bought  |
| at Aira's shop, or, better yet, as the treasure from the "Grand Staircase"  |
| area (Search G-R-2 without the hyphens) in the Terran Ruins (the next level |
| we are about to explore.)                                                   |



After the conversation with Aira, the shopkeeper, you are free to explore the
town. That is not much around though. You can go back into the shop to buy or
sell items. I recommended saving up all money for Ferromins, which increase
Elise's maximum HP because most equipment can be obtained as treasure from
the various levels. It is still very much down to a matter of personal
preference, though. There may be better or worse ways to spend your money from
a purely optimization outlook but this will almost surely not affect anyone's
ability to complete the game. So just enjoy the game and play it the way you
want to.

The next step is to talk to all 5 of the villagers. Unfortunately, they are not
able to provide much information, not unlike your typical JRPG townsfolk.
Note: you will need to finish talking to all the villagers and not walk away
halfway through the conversation(s).

Head back to Aira's and your next stop will be the town's fortune teller,
located directly opposite Aira's shop on the west side of town. Head over there
to unlock the next "dungeon", the Terran Ruins.

- Path to the Ruins                                                     [PA2] -
Note on dying: If you die halfway through a dungeon, remember to choose Story
Mode when you head back in order to progress through the game. You will have to
start over from the first area. Thankfully, exits that you have previously
unlocked remain unlocked and you can just run straight for the exits for
previously cleared areas (the enemies respawn though.) Choosing the individual
areas in practice mode is helpful only for farming treasure/gold or for
learning how to get through an area (especially helpful for bosses.)

In addition to the blue slimes previously encountered, this area presents a new
enemy: caterpillars. For now, they have just a rolling attack. This makes them
slightly stronger than the slimes but shouldn't be too tough to handle. If the
"note on dying" above hasn't made it clear, it is NORMAL to die in Chantelise.
The starting HP of 30 is pretty low and healing can only be done through random
food drops or when Chante can use 3 magic stones at a go. Thus, don't feel too
bad if you have to restart even this first dungeon a few times. I most
certainly did.

That said, this area is relatively straightforward. Getting hit by the slimes
or caterpillars is usually more a result of impatience (and going all gung-ho
into fights) rather than because they are especially tough enemies. Proceeding
to the next stage should thus not be a problem.
| Priest's Hint: "If you wait long enough, something strong may appear" (1 HP)|
|    The key to unlocking this area's treasure is just as the priest says:    |
| wait for a while and a purple slime will appear. This is the same slime as  |
| the ones in tutorial 3, only there is only one of them to deal with this    |
| time round. Thus, this makes it possible for even someone who has just      |
| started out to obtain this treasure. (If you have already obtained some     |
| gloves, go ahead and equip them to defeat the slime to claim your           |
| treasure.                                                                   |
|                                                                             |
|    Without gloves, the key is to have 2 consecutive blue magic stones such  |
| that Chante can cast Icicle Edge. Getting 2 to drop shouldn't be tough      |
| given the number of enemies so the key is to simply save them up and make   |
| sure the spell is ready when the slime appears. Defeat the slime to get     |
| Ferromin for a nifty upgrade of 10 max HP.                                  |

- Ruined Main Gate                                                      [RU2] -
Once again, another relatively straightforward map. The one special thing about
this area is the presence of a treasure chest (in addition to the hidden one
discussed below.) This is found to the west of the area BEFORE crossing the
bridge. It is slightly hidden in a small cave but shouldn't be too difficult to
spot. This chest contains a Souvenir Charm that improves Elise's magic defense.

This, in addition to the wooden shield in the hidden treasure chest will help
quite a bit in clearing the dungeon. Also, there will likely be an abundant
of magic stones lying around after clearing this area. Before heading into the
next, it will be useful to stock up on the gems. 6 "attacking" (i.e.
non-yellow) gems will be ideal, though 2 consecutive yellows for Super Armor
may be useful too.
| Priest's Hint: "If something looks suspicious, hit it" (1 HP)               |
|    The something suspicious the priest alludes to is the southwestern       |
| pillar past the bridge (i.e. the 1st pillar on the left.) I don't see how   |
| this pillar look suspicious actually, but there you go. Hit it to get       |
| a wooden shield for a defense boost.                                        |

- Grand Staircase                                                       [GR2] -
After the relatively "hack-friendly" areas, this level presents a bit more of a
challenge. There is a new enemy type around: floating eyeballs. They will prove
to be one of the more irritating enemies of the entire game. For one, they
float, which means you have to jump-attack if you don't want to use magic.
Their magical attack is also especially painful, making the Souvenir Charm
available either from the previous area or Aira's shop a rather wise equipment

Thus, using magic against these floating eyeballs helps a lot. For this area,
a single magic stone attack (i.e. Fireball, Aqua Splash or Thunderball) will be
sufficient to kill them. This will make the battle much simpler. Extra magic
stones can also be found by breaking barrels and torches (which is a part of
the hidden treasure unlocking criteria too. Talk about win-win!)

However, if your HP is still near full at this stage, you might want to
practice learning their attack patterns to effectively use your physical attack
because you will be doing that quite a bit in the later levels.

Another enemy that will likely pose a problem as well is the caterpillar. In
this area, they do not use their usual rolling attack. Instead, they employ a
magic flame attack where a flame hovers slightly on top/in front of them.
Touching this flame will cause Elise to suffer magic damage (once again, the
Souvenir Charm will help.) Killing them effectively will thus require magic
magic or careful, well-timed physical attacks (avoid attacking physically from
the front as Elise will move forward for the last stroke, typically into the
| Priest's Hint: "Treasure loves hiding in the dark (2 HP)                    |
|    To find the treasure, the trick is not to look into dark areas of the    |
| stage. Instead, it is to make this area dark. That's right: destroy all 9   |
| of the torches in the level to make the hidden treasure appear (fortunately |
| or unfortunately the level doesn't go dark for real when you do destroy all |
| the torches. Now with these gloves which boosts physical attack, those of   |
| you who want to obtain the treasure in Tutorial 3 and haven't done so can   |
| go ahead now!                                                               |

- Hall                                                                  [HA2] -
In this level, we get introduced to yet another new enemy: the skeleton. The
trick behind it is if the final blow to it is a physical one, it does not die
permanently. Instead, it will simply crumble into a heap and revive in a few
moments. To kill it, we will have to use magic (or equip Elise with a magic
crystal which can be obtained later in the game.)

The starting area in this level consists of a mass of yellow slimes, two
skeletons and a few floating eyeballs. With this barrage of enemies, it will be
difficult to target the skeletons first because of the magic waves from the
floating eyeballs as well as the difficulty in aiming magic with so many
enemies in the screen. My suggestion is to first destroy the floating eyeballs
either with jump attacks or magic (lock-targeting seems to have a preference
for flying objects from what I've played. That said, I do prefer the jump
attack option though you'd have to be decently accurate.) After they are dealt
with, the next targets will be the slimes. If the skeletons get near,
temporarily disable them with your physical attacks.

Once the slimes are taken care of, the rest should be easy. The slimes would
have dropped loads of magic stones to kill the skeletons with (that, and
skeletons themselves drop magic stones sometimes when hit with physical
attacks.) There are some flame caterpillars up the stairs too though you've
handled that before, haven't you?

If you're interested in the hidden treasure in this level, you might want to
save up some red and green magic stones too.
| Priest's Hint: "Try destroying the thing that feels out of place" (2 HP)    |
|    This treasure can get a little irritating to obtain, though not too      |
| much. The thing that is "out of place" is a barrel that is on a platform    |
| towards the southwest of the room. To get near it, climb up the stairs and  |
| head east. The path should lead you to a chandelier-like object hanging     |
| in the middle of the room which you can jump onto. From here, you have two  |
| options.                                                                    |
|                                                                             |
|    OPTION 1: You have already obtained the Winged Boots from the Halls of   |
| Flame. In that case, equip it and air-dash (jump up and press jump+attack   |
| in mid-air) onto the platform containing the barrel. I will consider this   |
| the easier option in terms of ease to pull off but you will have to wait a  |
| while before the Winged Boots can be obtained.                              |
|                                                                             |
|    OPTION 2: Use magic. This can get a little irritating as it will likely  |
| take a few tries to pull it off. Before mounting the floating "chandelier," |
| grab as many Red and Green magic gems as you can (I haven't got it to work  |
| with blue gems because of the arc Aqua Splash takes when it is cast.) Jump  |
| onto the platform next and aim for the barrel from there. I have managed to |
| hit it when Elise is position to the left facing the barrel.                |

- Cave                                                                  [CA2] -
No new enemies this time round. However, this area still pose a pretty tough
challenge because of the number of enemies stocked in the tight areas of the

NOTE: Do not do anything yet and read the treasure section below immediately if
you are aiming to get the treasure in this level.

The enemies include slimes, floating eyeballs, rolling caterpillars, flame
caterpillars and a skeleton at the end. Basically, you'd just have to be
careful and be patient by slowly slaying groups of enemies. Area-of-effect
spells may be pretty useful here. They are Cluster Bomb (2 Reds), Blitz (2
Greens) or single spells augmented by green or yellow magic stones.
| Priest's Hint: "Try slaying the strongest enemies first" (2 HP)             |
|    Hopefully, you have an ample amount of HP because you will have to run   |
| through the horde of enemies in the cramped space without killing anyone.   |
| What the game (or priest) considers the strongest enemy in this level is    |
| the skeleton right at the end of the area near the exit. Especially         |
| irritating are the flame caterpillars which you'd have to skillfully avoid. |
|                                                                             |
|    If you do not have any magic gems equipped at the start of the level,    |
| your options will be to either use a magic crystal to defeat the skeleton   |
| or get a magic stone either from the skeleton itself or barrels. I'd        |
| recommend the former due to the number of enemies usually surrounding the   |
| barrels. Make use of the minimap to plan your route of advance well too.    |
|                                                                             |
|    Your reward will then be Speed Boots, something which you cannot buy     |
| the shops. Not a bad reward at all!                                         |

- BOSS: TERRAN GOLEM (DEEPEST CAVERNS)                                  [TE2] -

Congratulations: You have reached your first boss fight! The boss battles in
Chantelise certainly harkens back to the old days of identifying attack
patterns and weak points of the enemy. And just like the old days, you will
probably take a few tries before you defeat the boss. Running through the
different areas from the start after every defeat is pretty boring and tiring
(even when you don't need to defeat all the enemies again) so you might want to
give the Practice Mode a try and make sure you can defeat it at least once
before doing it "for real" in the Story Mode.

In this level, to the west on the minimap lies a (non-secret) treasure chest.
Keep your treasure hunting spirit in check though as it contains a
health-restoring Ham Sandwich rather than any treasure. Moreover, it's gone
forever once you open it once so leave it alone until you are truly desperate.

Other than the treasure chest (and the boss), the other items in the room
include barrels, torches (which sometimes block the way) and slimes, all of
which give magic stones which you'd need aplenty.

Basically, the Terran Golem is the epitome of a tank. It's high physical
resistance deems Elise's attack pretty much worthless so you'd have to rely on
Chante's magic (this is where equipping a staff comes in handy.) Meanwhile, it
deals physical attacks so a shield is useful. Speed boots may come in handy in
running away from its attacks so equip yourself based on your preferences.

The Terran Golem has a few attacks. When you are close to it, it may launch a
spin attack (which is always preceded by the boss blinking.) There is no reason
to be close to the boss for any lengthy period of time because you shouldn't be
physically attacking anyway so this attack shouldn't be a factor.

For the boss' other attacks, the jump-step/dash (press the attack and jump
button simultaneously) is absolutely essential to avoid them. The Terran
Golem's mid-ranged attack involves slamming one of its fist (if it still has
any left. See below) into Elise. This is harder to avoid due to the proximity.
It executes its long-ranged attack, meanwhile, by launching into the air and
slamming its whole body down. Learning to time to dash at the right time is
thus key to defeating this boss.

You may also want to consider using lock-on targeting on the boss. This
facilitates magic and makes it easier to avoid attacks because you are able to
spot it better. However, movement becomes slightly more difficult because of 
the constantly moving camera when the Terran Golem moves (this affects your 
ability to pick up your magic stones of choice.) That, and you'd more likely 
get dizzy spells because of it.

When targeting, note that you can target three different spots on the boss:
both its arms and its main body. If you want a quick battle, just aim at the
main body. Attacking the arms first weaken its attacks (it can't use its fist
attack when it has no fists!) and unlocks the hidden treasure of the map.

Meanwhile, spam magic to defeat the boss. The Terran Golem is particularly
susceptible to lightning (Green) attacks so use whatever Green magic stone
drops to their fullest. The strongest spell Chante can currently cast against
the boss is a Thunderball augmented by a Red magic stone (i.e. pick up a Red
first before a Green and then unleash the spell) so use it whenever you can to
defeat the boss. A tip to fighting effectively is to time your spells at the
right time such that the boss will not be moving much at the moment the spell
is unleashed. Otherwise, Chante may send the spell in the wrong direction,
potentially wasting the magic stones used.

After the fight, Elise will can the ability to equip up to 3 different items.
| Priest's Hint: "Torment the enemy before you kill them! Yes, torment! (3 HP)|
|    As I've mentioned briefly in the above explanation, the key to unlocking |
| this treasure is simply to destroy both arms of the Terran Golem BEFORE its |
| main body. Conceptually, the idea is simple: lock-target onto the arms and  |
| fire away. However, the execution may not be so simple. As the boss is      |
| continually moving, the spells may end up striking the main body of the     |
| boss instead even when you may have locked onto the arms. Thus, care will   |
| be needed to execute the spells such that we do not kill the boss before we |
| destroy the arms. One trick is to wait until you are behind the arm         |
| targeted before launching the spell. Once one arm goes off targeting the    |
| next will then be much easier too.                                          |

- BONUS: INSECT KING'S LAIR                                             [IN2] -
Note: "Bonus" stages are unlocked in every major dungeon after collecting all
the treasure from the previous areas. They are not part of the story mode, but
more enemies to slaughter and more loot are always welcome, aren't they?

The main enemies of this level are 3 giant bugs. They have massive HP but
actually aren't that powerful or tough to defeat. Before they are slain, many
of the other smaller enemies will respawn so that is a bit of a bummer. All in
all, this shouldn't be too tough a battle if you slowly chip away at the bugs'
health by using magic and physical attacks. They may also drop the treasure
"Insect King Shell" upon death.
| Priest's Hint: "Remember to keep your head cool (3 HP)                      |
|    This treasure is pretty straightforward to obtain. Notice the pool of    |
| water to the east of the area. How can we keep our head cool? By submerging |
| it in water of course! The pool of water is of varying depth but it         |
| shouldn't take too much moving around it to get deep into it to unlock the  |
| treasure. The backscratcher is a pretty nifty item, allowing Elise to pick  |
| up items and magic stones without having to press the attack button and     |
| bending over to pick it up (to view it from a different perspective, the    |
| Backscratcher enables the picking up of items and magic stones just like    |
| one picks up coins: by just walking pass them.) This is useful in some      |
| levels where the time taken to pick up a magic stone may cause Elise to get |
| attacked. However, I personally do not find the Backscratcher particularly  |
| useful due to Elise's limited equipment slots (the other equipment usually  |
| offer better characteristics) and the difficulty in queuing the right       |
| spells when there are a lot of magic stones lying about.                    |



After you are done with the Terran Golem, return to town and visit the fortune
teller. After the dialogue, several options are open to you. If you talk to the
townsfolk, you will sometimes hear about the presence of a priest in the town.
His place is now unlocked, though rather inconspicuously as it is not marked on
the mini-map. It shouldn't take too long to find it, but it is the building on
the middle-left on the north side of town if you're wondering. The priest will
give you hints to unlocking the hidden treasure in each area thought that comes
at a cost of maximum HP. However, there is nothing to stop you from loading the
game from a previous save game after unlocking the hint (or better yet, I have
included each hint in this FAQ at the hidden treasure parts of each level

The dialogue with Elma also unlocks a new dialogue at Aira's shop. After that,
you'd find that the shop has stocked up on more items. 2 new areas are also
unlocked in the world map: the Familiar Forest where you can find a shopkeeper
as well as Ignan Ruins, your next destination in the story. The shopkeeper
sells a few items that are different from Aira's so you might want to check it
out. The price of common items are the same between the two shops though. Isn't
there anywhere we can complain about price-fixing?

- THE MOUNTAIN PATH                                                     [MO3] -
This area introduces two new enemies: mushrooms as well as bees. The mushrooms
are relatively straightforward enemies and can simply be seen as slightly
stronger slimes so they shouldn't take too much figuring out. The bees, though
have a few tricks up their sleeves. Flying enemies are usually already bad
enough because of the difficulty in hitting them. In addition, the bees inflict
paralysis (Elise's movements become slower) if they manage to attack you.
Moreover, it seems as if they are able to respawn indefinitely. To stop them
for good, you will have to defeat their hives, pod-like things usually hanging
at a certain height. Destroy them (there are 2 in this area) to stop the
respawns. It may be tempting to try to rush straight for the hives but I will
suggest taking a slower approach to avoid being overwhelmed. Slowly kill the
enemies along the way before reaching the hives. The hives can then be taken
down with magic or jump attacks (the former is much more effective though.)
This approach may involve killing some bees only to have them respawn but I
believe the reduction in HP lost is well worth it.
| Priest's Hint: "Nature provides the drums, you provide the beat" (2 HP)     |
|    Reading the priest's hint, I was initially afraid we'd have to play some |
| rhythm minigame to get to this area's hidden treasure. Thankfully, that is  |
| not the case (actually, come to think of it, a rhythm minigame will         |
| actually be pretty cool.) All you have to do is hit each of the 5 boulders  |
| (3 on the ground level, 1 on each of the 2 higher platforms) once with a    |
| physical attack and you'd be able to unlock this area's treasure.           |

- VOLCANO PATH                                                          [VO3] -
This area consists of a circular path climbing to the top of a mountain. The
enemies in the initial area shouldn't pose a problem at all. However, the game
adds a bit of tension by having boulders constantly dropping down the path as
you make the climb. They aren't that difficult to avoid if you stick to the
side of the path and even if you do get hit the damage isn't too high.

Near the top of the level the boulders will stop coming (signaled by the end
of the barrier on the right of the path.) Keep a lookout on the left for a
small cave area which contains a treasure chest with a Focus Staff in it.

A new enemy type will also be introduced near the exit: some sort of hermit
that hides into its shell if Elise gets too close. The easiest way to dispense
with them is to stand a moderate distance away and cast some offensive spells.
The hermit's attack is a spherical projectile. The damage isn't too high but
it does knock back Elise which can be pretty irritating when you encounter
hermits among big groups of enemies. If you've run out of magic, hitting the
hermit in its shell form will occasionally cause some magic stones to drop. It
is also possible to hit the hermit with physical attacks. This can be done only
when the hermit comes out of its shell for a split second to launch its attack.
Timing it is tough, however, because of a lack of tells for the attack so one
option will be to simply keep whacking the shell continuously if you need to
store up on the magic stones and are unwilling to use them on the hermit.
| Priest's Hint: "Break the barrels" (2 HP)                                   |
|    Break the barrels? Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Unfortunately,      |
| soon realize that there is not a single barrel in sight up the linear path  |
| of this level. That is because the barrel is so conveniently hidden on a    |
| ledge that is only accessible by falling from a certain spot near the top   |
| of this level. On your ascend up the level initially, notice a tree being a |
| bit out of place near the entrance. That actually marks the spot of the     |
| ledge which is just to the top and left of the tree. Make a mental mark of  |
| where this tree is on the minimap as you'd be using it as a guide later.    |
|                                                                             |
|    Near the top of the level is where you'd need to aim for the ledge       |
| described earlier by falling down. The place to fall from is approximately  |
| five steps or so (whatever that translates to) from when the barrier to the |
| right of the path ends. It will probably take a few trials before you'd be  |
| able to land on the ledge (Speed Boots make the climb less painful I guess) |
| but once you can't really miss the barrel.                                  |

- LAVA POOLS                                                            [LA3] -
In this level, you'd continuously get red slimes spawning from the lava pools.
Note that they have no impact on clearing the level so don't give them much
heed (though you probably will want to kill them anyway when they're in the
way.) From the starting area, you'd have two paths: one to the left leading to
a broken bridge and seemingly dead end and one to the right blocked by some
barrels. If you're NOT interested in the hidden treasure for this map you can
just smash through the barrels to get to the other side of the map. Otherwise
read the hidden treasure section below to see how you can traverse the area
without having to do that.

The new enemy in this area are floating fireballs. They do some rather nasty
magic attacks if you get too close to it. Moreover, upon death, they explode,
damaging Elise if she is too close. Thus, the trick to killing these fireballs
will thus be to use magic from a distance. Depending on your equipment, it may
take more than one spell to defeat these enemies which may put a constraint on
the availability of magic stones. One way to ration some magic stones is to
first give the floating fireballs a hit with your physical attack before
dealing the final blow with a magic spell. Practice and experiment a bit to see
what fits your play style best.
| Priest's Hint: "Don't destroy things just because they're in your way" (3HP)|
|    The things that are in the way are obviously the barrels towards the     |
| right of the initial starting path. To unlock this treasure, leave the      |
| barrels alone and clear the enemies on the initial area first. The way to   |
| get to the east side of the map will then be through falling from the       |
| platform past the bridge from the path on the left. You will need to jump   |
| past the broken bridge once and then, from the top of the platform, jump    |
| down towards the bridge on the ground floor (you may fall into the lava if  |
| the jump down didn't gather enough distance. Be warned though: make sure    |
| you've cleared the enemies from the previous area as you can't go back to   |
| kill them once you've made a successful jump down.                          |
|                                                                             |
|    After getting down, continue slaughtering the enemies left in this new   |
| area. After you're done (remember: the red slimes don't count) proceed back |
| to the barrels and smash them, which will unlock the hidden treasure for    |
| this map.                                                                   |

- ENTRANCE TO THE RUINS                                                 [EN3] -
The starting area to this level consists of your standard fare of mushrooms and
floating eyeballs so deal with them first. Once you're done with them, climb 3
flights up the stairs. To either side of the landing is a small gap which you'd
have to jump across to get to a pile of skeleton bones. Get close to it to
revive the skeleton and proceed to kill it. More skeleton bones will be below
this current platform. Once you're done clearing them, repeat for the other
side. As there are quite a lot of skeletons to clear in this room, some of you
may be interested to buy and equip magic crystals (which can be bought at
Aira's or from the shop at the familiar forest) so that Elise's physical attack
will be able to destroy the skeletons for good. Otherwise, you probably have to
be a bit patient and slowly accumulate magic stones to down all the skeletons.

After all the enemies in the level are defeated, a giant floating fireball will
appear in the middle of the room. Basically the mechanism to defeating it is
similar to the normal floating fireball but with this new enemy having much
higher HP. Once again, remember that it is the final blow that you want to
strike from afar. So save at least a magic stone to do that and deplete its HP
with physical attacks first if necessary.
| Priest's Hint: "Some treasure like tight enclosed spaces" (3 HP)            |
|    Remember that you had to jump across a narrow gap to reach the lone      |
| skeleton near the top? That is where the secret of this level is hidden.    |
| This secret is a silver hermit hiding in the tight space to the right of    |
| the level. To get there, either drop into the gap after climbing up 3       |
| flight of stairs of simply move into the tight space from the ledge with    |
| the mass of skeleton bones. Defeat the silver hermit to unlock the treasure |
| chest for a standard charm.                                                 |

- HALLS OF FLAME                                                        [HA3] -
Upon entering this area, you will immediately see a new foe: the armored
knight. The knight is so armored that neither your physical attack nor magic
seem to work on him. You'd probably have guessed that the key to defeating him
will be through a weak point, which is his back. Getting around to backstab
him, though, takes a bit of technique and practice. (Note: you might want to
kill off the pesky eyeballs in the same lower area before trying to kill the
armored knight.)

To get around to the back of the knight, stay very close to him initially.
Then, when the knight starts to raise his sword to unleash his attack quickly
move in behind him and start whacking (you'd probably only get to use a 3-hit
combo before the knight recovers though sometimes you can perform a few more
combos before that happens.) It will probably take some practice to get the
hang of the timing to pull it off. You'd also have to do this same maneuver a
good number of times before the armored knight will fall. If it's any
consolation, at least there aren't that many of these enemies through the
entire game.

After dealing with the armored knight, you'd want to still stay on the bottom
floor and not climb up the inviting flights of stairs yet. Head north and
continue slaying the other enemies in the area past the corridor until you
reach a dead end. This will save a bit of backtracking later so climb the
stairs up and proceed to clear the enemies on the upper level.

Another new enemy type awaits: some sort of floating ghouls. For most of the
time, these ghouls are translucent and will be impervious to any attack. After
a certain period of time, they will turn opaque, meaning you can now hit it
with either a jump attack or magic. Be quick, though, as the ghouls unleash a
fire attack shortly after they turn visible (they will not attack if you are
able to strike first.) Before you've got time to put in more than 1 or 2 hits
the ghoul will turn invisible again, completing the cycle.

Also be careful of 3 gaps in the passageway on the northern side of the upper
level. Fall in before defeating all the enemies on the upper level and you'd
have to go one big round to get back where you were. When you're done with all
the enemies in the upper level, drop into the rightmost gap onto a platform
which has the exit on it. Now get ready for the next boss fight.
| Priest's Hint: "Do one lap without stopping" (3 HP)                         |
|    The lap in question is the square-shaped outer perimeter of the level up |
| the stairs on the second floor. It is very useful to clear out the enemies  |
| before you attempt getting the treasure. The tricky part to completing the  |
| task of running the lap without stopping is no doubt the 3 gaps you'd have  |
| to jump across on the north side of the map. Be mindful that the distance   |
| between the 3 gaps varies so pay close attention to what's ahead to execute |
| the jumps. Otherwise getting this treasure will simply be an exercise in    |
| execution rather than figuring some obscure hint/trick to unlock it. The    |
| Winged Boots unlocked here lets Elise dash in midair, paving the way to     |
| complete some other hidden treasure challenges later on.                    |

- BOSS: VOLCANIC CRAB (MURAL ROOM)                                      [MU3] -
Recommended equipment:    Water Crystal + 2 gloves
                       OR 2 staves + shield/Speed Boots

Once again, the boss fight is no pushover so be prepared to die a few times and
perhaps make use of the practice mode to nail down the attack plan.

For the recommended equipment load out, you may wish to consider investing 20
grand for a water crystal if this fight is still causing you considerable
challenge after some time. The water crystal, paired with 2 gloves to boost
attack will enable you to do acceptable damage against the Volcanic Crab when
you use your physical attacks. Otherwise, I will suggest going with 2 staves
such that the main damage will come from Chante's spells. This can be paired
with a shield to boost defense or Speed Boots to make avoiding the attack
slightly easier.

When you initially try to attack the boss with physical attacks, you may find
that it does no damage to it at all. And unlike the armored knight from the
previous area, it's back is impervious to physical attacks too. Magic do damage
the boss but it does not seem to be dropping magic stones when the attacks
aren't dealing any damage.

The weak spot of this boss is behind its pincers. In order to deal physical
damage to it, you'd have to strike there. In its usual position, the Volcanic
Crab has its weak spot nicely hidden. To expose it, you'd have to lure it to
attack Elise with its pincer. Do this by positioning Elise close to the boss
and in front of it. This will cause it to raise either one of its pincer to
strike. This attack is pretty quick so you'd want to move back before the
pincer is even raised (you might need to experiment a bit to determine the
timing to do so such that you can lure the attack but not get caught by the
attack.) Once you've avoided the attack, move in to the area near where the
pincer was to attack. Without the Water Crystal the physical damage will
probably be pretty low but hey, at least you're damaging him! Moreover, this
attack will cause some magic stones to drop out sometimes.

However, the rate of gathering magic stones is pretty low just by this method.
To speed up the fight, you'd want to knock the Volcanic Crab into one of the
four lava pools. Notice that when you manage to successfully land a 3 hit
combo, the boss gets pushed back by a bit. This will be how you can get the
boss to land into one of the pools. When that happens, the Volcanic Crab will
be spit back out but in an overturned position. Take this time to whack the hell
out of it. The likelihood of the boss dropping magic stones increase
exponentially in this position too.

The Volcanic Crab is weakest against water, so at this stage your most damaging
spell against it will be Icicle Edge (2 blues.) Other spells may not inflict
as much damage but just cast it anyway; the damage will still likely be higher
than the physical attacks.

Other than the pincer attacks, the boss also has 2 other longer range attacks.
One attack involves the Volcanic Crab shooting a string of bubbles right in
front of it. This should be very easily sidestepped and pose not much of a
problem. In the other attack, the boss will shoot out fire from its back. Small
flames will then land randomly on the level. This attack is easiest avoided if
you can move far away from the crab (the spread of flames is centered about the
crab.) Note that the flame also remain for a second or two after landing so be
careful not to touch them after you've initially avoided them and are moving
back towards the boss.

When Elise is not facing the boss directly, it will also swing around to face
her. This is how you get to line your attacks such that it will be forced into
the lava pools. However, do take note that the swinging motion can cause damage
if Elise is too close so be mindful of that.

Otherwise, focus on landing the attacks as explain earlier and cast Icicle Edge
whenever possible to finish off the boss. Once again, I can't emphasize the
need for practice enough in order to be able to complete this stage. You might
need to farm for gold by fighting the monsters from the earlier levels if you
haven't been doing it as more Ferromins are always helpful as well.
| Priest's Hint: "Well, don't just drop it anywhere" (4 HP)                   |
|    Well, don't just drop it anywhere. Drop it everywhere! is probably what  |
| the priest will have said if Twitter wasn't invented (OK, that didn't go    |
| too well.) So basically, what you need to do is to force the Volcanic Crab  |
| to drop into all four lava holes in the level.                              |
|                                                                             |
|    Forcing the Volcanic Crab into the lava holes work the same way as       |
| damaging it with physical attacks. First, stay close to the boss to lure it |
| to attack with his pincers. Before waiting for the tell (as it will likely  |
| be too late by then,) move back such that Elise will not get hurt by the    |
| pincer attack. Next, immediately move towards the Volcanic Crab and more    |
| specifically, towards side of the pincer that attacked to launch a 3 hit    |
| physical attack combo. If you've aimed at the correct spot, the boss will   |
| be knocked back (this will only occur if ALL 3 of your hits deal damage.)   |
| Use this knockback maneuver repeatedly (and of course, aiming in the        |
| correct directions towards each of the 4 lava ponds) to unlock the          |
| Strongarm Band treasure.                                                    |

- BONUS: COLLISEUM                                                      [CO3] -
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Some of the enemies in this level
are indeed plus-sized. To clear this level, you'd have to defeat them (the
normal sized enemies will respawn from time to time if the giants are still
around.) You have encountered all the enemy types before so I don't think there
is any need for any further explanation of how to defeat them. Besides, our
main aim in these bonus stage is just to get the treasures, isn't it?
| Priest's Hint: "Try going out of your way to be in dangerous places" (4 HP) |
|    With the level consisting of just a room with some lava at the side,     |
| aren't many dangerous places, are they? Well, except for the perimeter      |
| ledge preventing you from falling into the lava on the perimeter of the     |
| room, that is. So jump onto the ledge and wait. It takes quite a lengthy    |
| time before the treasure shows itself, though. Enough time to make you      |
| wonder if you're doing it wrong (no, you do not have to run round the whole |
| perimeter or pull of any crazy stunts like that.) The enemies in the level  |
| also make the wait feel longer than it should be and you might have to run  |
| along the ledge occasionally to avoid some attacks. Eventually, the         |
| treasure will unlock, giving you a very handy Cat Statue (which attracts    |
| coins for you.)                                                             |



In a nice touch, you will get to control Elma for this chapter! Conveniently,
she totally transforms into Elise with the only difference being their hair (I
was actually hoping for some new gameplay mechanics but I guess this will have
to do.) Note also that Chante can now cast spells using up to 3 magic stones.
This unlocks a new set of spells using 3 of the same gem type. You can also
enhance your level 2 spells and get up to 2 enhancements for level 1 spells. Of
particular note is Heal, the level 3 water spell. Now you don't have to wait
for a random food drop to heal yourself when your health gets low (though you'd
no doubt find that waiting for the blue magic stones get equally excruciating
at times.

If you want to, you can also head over to Aira's or the priest for new dialogue
that expands just a little on the overall story. Otherwise, it's time to head
out to our new dungeon: the Aquan Ruins.

- WETLANDS                                                              [WE4] -
The starting area in the Aquan Ruins is pretty simple in premise: a wide open
area with groups of enemies littered around. If you're interested in the hidden
treasure for this area, don't wander off into the water just yet and read the
treasure section below to find out how to get to it.

The two new enemies introduced in this level can potentially do quite a bit of
damage while you get used to their attack style. They are two types of fishes:
the yellow fish that has a dash attack that inflicts paralysis and the red fish
that has a slightly stronger jump attack. They are found in water, though you
might want to lure them to land (which they will get on) sometimes so that you
can move more freely to engage them. Be careful of large groups and try to
attack either enemy from the side so as not to get hit by their attack and you
should be able to clear this level. Also, remember that you can now use level 3
spells so use Heal (3 blues) when necessary for a handy health boost.
| Priest's Hint: "Don't you hate the water, sometimes" (3 HP)                 |
|    The priest's hint pretty much gives it away for this level: avoid water  |
| and you're done. Get to the level, though, and you might find that this     |
| may be easier said than done what with so many enemies hidden in the water. |
| The good news, then, is that you do not have to defeat all the enemies to   |
| get to the hidden treasure. Simply get from the starting area to the        |
| finishing area without getting wet and you're good to go. I find the        |
| easiest path to be on the right. Jump onto the lily pads and onto a log at  |
| the end which connects to the final area near the exit. Having Winged Boots |
| on to airdash will help a lot. Do so and the treasure chest should appear   |
| containing some Mermaid Shoes that let you walk in water as fast as on      |
| land. This will come in pretty useful when you're having to run through the |
| Aquan Ruins after deaths.                                                   |

- BRIDGE TO THE RUINS                                                   [BR4] -
The starting area consists of some slimes which you should be able to dispose
of in no time. As you approach the bridge, 2 floating blue bombs will then
greet you. They are just like the floating fire bombs from the Ignan Ruins so
remember to use a spell to land the final blow. They are weak against fire so
a single Fireball spell (1 red) should be enough to kill it.

Past the blue bombs 3 armored knights. You don't really want to fight them
together so try to lure each knight forward first before engaging. The last of
the 3 knights also has some slimes for company so you might want to kill them
off first before dealing with the knight.
| Priest's Hint: "Try crossing the bridge" (3 HP)                             |
|    To get to this area's hidden treasure, you'd need to cross the bridge    |
| without touching the bridge itself. How do you do that? By traversing on    |
| ledge on the side of the bridge of course. Either ledge is acceptable and   |
| Elise just has to be on the ledge from the start to the end without falling |
| off to unlock the treasure (you can still retry for the treasure, albeit    |
| from the start again if you fall.)                                          |
|                                                                             |
|    Of course, this will be a whole lot easier if the bridge is straight. It |
| is not, with some regular kinks that demand some finesse with your controls |
| to get through. As long as you have defeated the enemies around the area    |
| this shouldn't be too hard. Alternatively, you can also equip the Winged    |
| Boots to airdash past the kinks in the path to unlock the hidden treasure.  |
| The result for your hard work is a Fire Crystal, especially handy in this   |
| water-based dungeon.                                                        |

- SPIRAL CORRIDOR                                                       [SP4] -
An extremely straightforward level: no new enemy types are introduced in this
area and the path consists of just a spiral corridor (how apt a level name!)
Before you ascend, however, you will want to move to the left to open the
non-hidden treasure chest for a Music Box that unlocks the "Sound Test" option
from the title screen.

Otherwise, this level shouldn't pose any more difficulty than the others you
have encountered. If you want something fun/different to do, try equipping the
Winged Boots and lure each and every enemy into the center part of the screen.
They will fall to their death into the pool of water in the center and you can
complete this level without having to even launch a single attack. (This should
so have been the hidden treasure challenge!)
| Priest's Hint: "Immerse yourself in the lake" (3 HP)                        |
|    For once we get a straightforward hint from the priest but the lake in   |
| question isn't the pool of water smack in the middle of the map when you    |
| first enter the area (no, you'd receive damage and respawn at the start if  |
| you try to immerse yourself in that particular "lake.") Instead, notice a   |
| horizontal strip of land with a small circle in the middle on the minimap   |
| that you do not have access to if you just went by the level normally       |
| along the spiral path. That is where the "lake" you need is. To get onto    |
| the area, climb the spiral corridor to near the top of the level. You       |
| be able to see it from there. Jumping there might be a little difficult as  |
| a pillar blocks the most convenient location to jump from. Either take a    |
| few tries to accomplish the jump or use the ever trusty Winged Boots to     |
| make light work of it. Once you reach the pool of water, touch it to unlock |
| the secret treasure; you do not even need to immerse yourself in it!        |

- UNDERWATER CITY                                                       [UN4] -
A new area inevitably means new enemy types. Making their bow in the Underwater
City are blue fishes that shoot bubbles. They shouldn't pose too much of a
problem except for the fact that the bubbles tend to get in the way when you're
attacking them, dealing damage to Elise/Elma. The fact that they almost always
appear in groups (and relatively large groups at that) doesn't help. To take
them out effectively, do not rush your attacks and wait for an opening before
defeating them one at a time. Also do not attack from the front but from the
side or back of them instead to avoid the bubbles.

Another new enemy is the jellyfish. As far as I can tell they have no attack
in particular. Touch them, however, and you take damage in addition to being
paralyzed. They shouldn't be too hard to kill with some magic or a well-aimed
jump attack though.
| Priest's Hint: "Punish that trickster" (4 HP)                               |
|    Now we're starting to get hints from the priest that aren't really       |
| helpful at all so we're on our own in finding the hidden treasure here. If  |
| you've hunted all the treasure previously, at least you would have learned  |
| that the game hardly places anything funny/out of the ordinary without a    |
| purpose. In this particular level, the thing that stands out will be the    |
| cemetery. Once you've cleared the skeletons in the area (you can opt to     |
| leave them alone but that will only make your fight to come that bit        |
| tougher) jump onto every tombstone in the cemetery. This will cause a giant |
| skeleton to appear. Defeat it (it has a triple combo attack in addition to  |
| high HP so do take a bit of care in attacking) to unlock the hidden         |
| treasure. Tornado (3 greens) work especially well against it.               |

- SILENT CHURCH                                                         [SI4] -
The starting part of the level is relatively straightforward with your usual
enemy types that you should be able to deal with no problem (there are much
more jellyfish here so do be careful not to touch them.) Try not to move too
much to the north when clearing out these initial enemies as the new enemy here
is a giant blue bomb with a long range ice attack. The ice projectiles will
constantly be launched when the bomb appears so be sure to be constantly on the
move left to right when that happens. Once you're done with the other enemies,
lock on to the giant blue bomb (this helps you strafe to avoid the attacks more
effectively) and unleash any magic you've got. As to be expected, fire attacks
(Fire ball or Fire Wall) works especially well against it.
| Priest's Hint: "Punish that trickster, again" (4 HP)                        |
|    The trick here this time round are the unlit torches that line your path |
| towards the exit. Destroy all 6 of them and a giant blue fish will spawn.   |
| It isn't too difficult to defeat (it attacks with a dash attack not unlike  |
| the yellow fishes) so do so to get the Silver Gauntlet. Nice! Of course,    |
| precautions to take for this task will be to clear out all the other        |
| enemies in the area before triggering the arrival of the giant blue fish.   |

- BOSS: ELECTROJELLY (GUARDIAN OF THE RUINS)                            [EL4] -
Recommended equipment: 2 staves + 1 Charm/Speed Boots

This boss can be a little irritating and dizziness-inducing if you haven't
figured out the trick yet but shouldn't be too hard once you've done so. The
Electrojelly has two legs at its side normally. When you hit either with a
physical attack, the boss will withdraw the leg into the center. Hit both and
the Electrojelly's "cap" will be lifted, allowing Chante to hit it with its
magic. Fire Wall (3 reds) work especially well and a couple of them should be
able to down the boss. Other magic also deal decent damage so hit it with all
you've got after you've triggered the boss' vulnerability.

The Electrojelly's attack include slow moving bubbles that it will shoot out
occasionally. These are usually relatively easy to hit if you are moving in one
direction constantly. Also, be careful when you're trying to hit the legs or
picking up magic stones such that you avoid the bubbles. To make things
movement tougher, the boss also has a wind move that causes you to be pushed
along (the wind can be either clockwise or counterclockwise) if you are within
a certain large radius of the boss. The final attack is the toughest to avoid.
It involves the Electrojelly unleashing a line of electricity from any of the
legs that are still at the side. The boss will then spin around once. Jump to
avoid it (in addition to spinning around, the legs also move up and down
in a periodic motion. You will have to jump past the electricity when it is in
the "low" position.) Thankfully, the mechanic to defeating the boss involves
hitting the legs so you will usually be left dealing with only one line of
electricity. In this case, you can run away to avoid it if you start out
directly opposite the start of the spin.
| Priest's Hint: "Be sure to go inside, little lady" (5 HP)                   |
|    I don't get the priest's hint this time round at all (I'm thinking there |
| may be a mix up between this hint and fro a later stage but enlighten me if |
| you can figure it out.) That said, some of you may have already gotten the  |
| hidden treasure to unlock while you're trying to figure out how to defeat   |
| the boss. The trick here is to jump to avoid the electricity attack of the  |
| boss a few times (I believe 4 times is the magic number.) To do this, as    |
| I've explained in the main section, notice that the legs also have a slight |
| up and down motion in addition to the spinning move. You'd have to jump to  |
| avoid the attack when the legs are in the "down" position (otherwise you'd  |
| just be jumping into the electricity chain for damage.) To make things a    |
| easier, you might want to hit one of the legs so that you only have to      |
| jump across one of the electricity chains.                                  |

- BONUS: WATERWAYS                                                      [WA4] -
Unfortunately, completing this level is more on endurance than any particular
tricks, making it a bit of a chore. The key here is to notice that the blue
porcupines spawn constantly so don't really bother about them. The enemy to
defeat here will be giant floating ghouls littered throughout the gigantic map.
The game makes things easier by removing the ghoul's usual fire attack.
Instead, they simply summon skeletons (which will die under physical attacks
this time round.) Defeat the ghouls when they're visible to unlock the exit.
Meteor Impact (3 yellows) work well against them. To where the ghouls are
effectively, look out for the red enemy blip on the minimap that appear even
when Elise isn't nearby (the other enemy blips corresponding to the porcupines
will always be near Elise.)
| Priest's Hint: "This time? Be merciful" (5 HP)                              |
|    Finally a hint that makes sense! Basically, you'd have to run from the   |
| start of the level to the exit without a single enemy dying. That's right,  |
| it doesn't matter if you've killed the enemy or not. Usually the poor enemy |
| pathfinding that lets causes it to drop off platforms into oblivion helps   |
| you along your quest. This time round, however, it will probably frustrate  |
| the hell out of you. This is because porcupines constantly spawn near Elise |
| and the exit lies on a platform in the middle of water: a perfect recipe    |
| suicidal enemies out to make sure you do not get the hidden treasure.       |
|                                                                             |
|    Speed Boots and Winged Boots will help in accomplishing our objectives.  |
| From the start of the level, stay on the upper floor and proceed along the  |
| long path towards the exit. If you have the Winged Boots equip, jump off    |
| the upper level only at the last possible moment and air dash towards the   |
| exit platform. Hopefully you'd be able to do so before any of the           |
| porcupines sacrifice themselves gloriously to stop you in getting the       |
| hidden treasure. It will probably take a few tries. If you do not have the  |
| Winged Boots, go downstairs only at the last area before jumping onto the   |
| platform. This way will make it more likely for the porcupines to be dead   |
| before you get on the platform, unfortunately. At least your reward for the |
| tedium is pretty awesome: a coin emblem that improves gold drop rate.       |
| Awesome for when we're just a bit of gold away from that Ferromin.          |



Before we move on, note that Elise can now equip 4 items. Cheers to being able
to customize Elise according to your play style! Also, the fishing
minigame/side quest is now unlocked. Go to Tutorial 3 (in the Plains) and you'd
notice a person standing near the lake to the west. Talk to him a few times to 
get a fishing rod and also learn about how fishing works (as the game itself 
mentions, it works just like any more traditional golf video games.) You can 
now go fishing at various pools of water or lava throughout the different 
levels in the game. Collect a certain number of fishes and you'd be able to 
trade them for treasure/items with the master fisherman here.

Once you're ready, head over to Elma's to unlock the next dungeon: the Zephyran


- FOREST OF MIASMA                                                      [FO5] -
After 3 dungeons, I'm sure you're more than comfortable with how this game 
works so I won't belabor explaining how to clear the initial enemies in this
area as you've already encountered them. 

The new enemy type here will be some green slimes. They sound easy but can 
prove much more of a hassle than the other slimes because of a poison mist 
attack. This mist works kind of similar to the fiery mist from the 
caterpillar, with the exception that this poison mist has a pretty long range. 
Hence, once you've triggered the green slimes' appearance near the 
northern area of the level, you probably will want to defeat them before 
continuing the slaughter of the other enemies. The trick here is to note that
the green mist comes out from a specific area of each green slime (I guess
you could say it's their 'front', only we can't tell the difference by 
looking.) Thus, snake behind the slimes to avoid being hit and give them a few
whacks to make light work of them.

Also particularly irritating in this level (and dungeon too if I may add) are
the green fishes hiding in the lake on the west. Unlike the yellow fishes, 
their dash attack isn't as sudden so it's hard to know if they are attacking
you of simply just moving around. As such, it is very easy to get hit by them.
Their damage is not insubstantial too. Thus, just as with so many other 
enemies, approach them from the side or back to attack to avoid damage. You'd 
want to get the hang of it as there will be a lot more of these green fishes 
later on.
| TREASURE: POPULAR CHARM|                                                      
| Priest's Hint: "You should take a break sometimes, child" (3 HP)            |
|    Unfortunately, taking a break here doesn't mean simply not doing         |
| anything and just standing around. And there I thought this is going to be  |
| the easiest hidden treasure ever. So, see if you can think of an activity   |
| that's even more leisurely (some may say boring) than just standing around. |
| That's right, it's fishing! Clear the enemies nearby the lake on the west   |
| side of the area, equip your fishing rod (get it from Tutorial 3 in the     |
| Plains if you haven't already done so) and play some golf. Oh, I meant      |
| fishing but I'm sure they're equally as leisurely. Successfully catch a     |
| fish to get a Popular Charm.                                                |

- EMPEROR-BUG'S TOMB                                                    [EM5] -
As I've mentioned in the previous section, there will be a lot of green fishes
in this dungeon. The sheer number of them in this area alone is probably 
enough to take over the world! OK, so I exaggerate but you get my point. I 
shall reiterate again how important it is to attack from the side or the back
to avoid damage. That, or you can combine shields and the super armor spell 
(2 yellows) to at least negate the damage you're taking. Mermaid Shoes to help
movement may help too.

After clearing the fishes in the water, proceed on to the north-eastern part
of the area to get onto higher ground. Follow the path and clear the enemies
along the way. Before you make the jump at the end of the path to the ledge
leading to the Emperor Bug's fossil (the thing in the center happens to be a
dried up giant bug if you haven't noticed,) make sure you have a few magic
spells at your disposal. This is because your final enemy in this area will be
found on top of the fossil will be a giant green bomb. As long as you've 
remembered to stock up on magic stones it should be a breeze.

You will also want to jump when moving from one "segment" of the fossil to the
next as there are gaps which Elise may fall through. I'm sure you do not want
the long climb back onto the top, do you?
| TREASURE: FERROMIN FX|                                                        
| Priest's Hint: "Don't get any bug guts on you, now" (3 HP)                  |
|    To get the hidden treasure for this level, you'd have to get to the end  |
| without falling in water. The Winged Boots become ever vital again as a     |
| result. First, from the entrance, head right and jump onto the second       |
| platform. From there airdash towards the area just beside the Emperor Bug's |
| fossil (you probably have to airdash twice to reach the area.) The tough    |
| part is done while you're here and you're just a few jumps away to the exit |
| to your reward. You may fail a few times due to the airdashing part and     |
| because platforming itself isn't done that well in the game so I'd suggest  |
| completing this hidden treasure challenge in practice mode where you can    |
| restart easily rather than in the story mode.                               |

- THE WINDMILL BRIDGE                                                   [WI5] -
No new enemies this time round! There's nothing especially tricky in this area
either so I don't have much to say for this round. Getting to the next area 
will simply be a matter of execution in killing the enemies.

To the north of the level is a broken bridge. If you already have the Winged
Boots, then why not go ahead and equip them to airdash across the gap for the
hidden treasure straightaway (no need to look at the boxed section below 
anymore!) Otherwise, the "normal" way to traverse the level will be to the east
which will bring you through a lower level filled with lots of hermits and a 
few other enemies. Otherwise just try not to lose too much health because the
next stage will be much tougher.
| TREASURE: EARTH CRYSTAL|                                                      
| Priest's Hint: "You don't want to go anywhere TOO difficult, now" (4 HP)    |
|    Yes, it's the Winged Boots in action yet again this time! And it's       |
| easily one of the easiest hidden treasure in the entire game. Simply head   |
| north right at the start of the level (don't go over to the lower area      |
| through the east side) to the broken bridge. Then have your Winged Boots    |
| equipped and airdash past the gap to the ending area. Viola! An Earth       |
| Crystal awaits!                                                             |

- ENGINE ROOM                                                           [EN5] -
Equip some Charms for this area as lots of powerful floating eyeballs await you
in the Engine room. The most challenging part of this level will have to be on
the bottom level where the floating eyeballs are paired with a mass of green
slimes. As a result, it is hard to move around with all the poison mist the
green slimes spew, making it especially tough to hit the floating eyeballs or
avoid their attacks. Thus, one suggestion is to target the floating eyeballs
with spells. Unfortunately, spells other than the homing Water (1 Blue) may hit
the slimes before it they reach the floating eyeballs so this strategy may not
be so effective. Another option will be to simply kill the slimes first. Of 
course, this is easier said than done because of all the poison mist around. 
Super Armor (2 yellows) may be helpful as it protects against the knockdown the
poison mist usually inflicts. Once that effect is taken care of, the poison 
mist actually inflicts pretty low damage so you may want to sacrifice the 
little bit of HP to get rid of the slimes first before focusing on the floating

Otherwise, the level will just consist of more floating eyeballs (in addition 
to some floating ghouls and a couple of green bombs) so defeat them to gain
access to the next area. The exit is located on the topmost level. It can be
accessed by first following the path from the entrance down to the bottom 
level. Next, climb up the stairs at the south, go past a gear platform and up
the stairs to the path that will eventually lead to the exit.
| TREASURE: HALLOWED CHARM|                                                     
| Priest's Hint: "When all else fails, try slaying all the monsters" (4 HP)   |
|    Remember the mantra that if anything looks redundant, it's probably part |
| of the trick to the hidden treasure? It sure never fails. The seemingly     |
| redundant part of this area will have to be the stairs on the southern part |
| of the level. You'd have used the first flight of stairs to proceed towards |
| the exit but the stairs continue going up for one more level, eventually    |
| leading to nowhere. But I get ahead of myself. The first part of this       |
| hidden treasure challenge is to get onto the gear-shaped platform after the |
| first flight of stairs I've just mentioned. This will trigger a monster to  |
| appear: you just can't see it yet. Now back to stairs that lead you to a    |
| second level that holds nothing. It does lead to nowhere, but turn back and |
| on the way down you should just be able to spot a silver Hermit lying on    |
| top of the gear-like platform. Lock on to it and kill it with a spell or    |
| two to get a Hallowed Charm.                                                |
|                                                                             |
| Note: The method described isn't the only way to get the silver hermit to   |
| show itself. There are lots of other ways to go about it but I guess you    |
| just need one to get the hidden treasure.                                   |

- THE TEMPEST                                                           [TE5] -
A slightly confusing layout coupled with some tough monsters mean that you may
be restarting the dungeon due to this level for a couple of times if you're not

First off, there's quite a few floating green bombs around so you may want to
ration your usage of magic stones in order to deal with them. You may also want
to consider equipping some staves so that you'd use minimal magic stones to
kill them. Alternatively, hitting them with some physical attacks before 
dealing the final blow with a magic spell works too. Also, make use of the 
skeletons (and there are plenty of them) around for an unlimited supply of
magic stones by killing them with just physical attacks with no magic crystal
equipped. This ensures that they will keep reviving, letting you constantly
generate magic stones as you attack them. Unfortunately, this "farming" of
magic stones could feel quite tedious as many of them will simply drop to 
oblivion due to the narrow paths in the level.

You'd also notice that the initial area loops around regardless if you take the
right or left path at the first intersection. To get to the path linking to the
other enemies and the exit, you will have to jump off onto a lower level. There
are two places where you can make the jump. One of them is around the central
part of the level. From the entrance, take the left path at the fork and 
continue running. Continue straight (rather than turn right) at the next fork
and you should see some stairs to the left. Jump there and you'd have reached
the area required.

The second place you can make the jump is by turning right rather than going
straight at the second fork (still take the left on the first fork.) Go 
straight, and at the area where you're supposed to turn right by a right angle,
turn left instead to face north. Jump forward and down to reach the bottom 

On the bottom area, to the east of the map will lie a giant floating green 
bomb. Before you approach the area you should make sure you have a few powerful
spells (I managed to kill it with an Icicle Edge spell (2 blues) augmented by a
red magic stone followed by a Fire Wall (3 reds) with a Pretty Wand equipped.
Translation: it has pretty high HP so make sure you've got enough magic stones
to get the last hit in with. There are skeletons around so you may want to keep
them around to generate some of them. The giant bomb also has an attack that 
casts a column of lightning on a certain area. Be sure that Elise is constantly
on the move to avoid getting hit.  

| TREASURE: ESKIMO SHOES|                                                       
| Priest's Hint: "Just aim for the goal, child!" (5 HP)                       |
|    Just aim for the goal: reach the exit by 30 seconds. This is pretty      |
| tough so I suggest that you complete this hidden treasure mission through   |
| the practice mode rather than the story mode because any slight hiccup in   |
| execution will mean that the hidden treasure attempt is botched (my         |
| personal best time is a pretty close shave at 27 seconds already!) To do    |
| this, I believe that both the Speed Boots and the Winged Boots are          |
| essential. Have them equipped before you enter the stage and run            |
| immediately after starting the level. Take the path on the left at the      |
| first intersection and follow the path until you can see some stairs to     |
| your left around the central part of the level. Jump and airdash your way   |
| onto the stairs, climb up and continue running towards the exit. You should |
| just make it if there isn't any major miscues along the way.                |

- BOSS: ATOLIAN WYVERN (MOUNTAIN SUMMIT)                                [AT5] -
Recommended equipment:-
Strategy 1: 2 gloves, Earth Crystal, 1 charm/staff
Strategy 2: 2 staves, charms or gloves

I have highlighted two recommended equipment load outs on top. Strategy 1 
involves the use of physical attacks. The Earth Crystal adds a lot of damage to
your attack here, so it is an absolutely vital part of the strategy. Otherwise,
I'd suggest a magical route and equip 2 staves instead. You will slide around 
in the icy areas of the map so some may want to equip the Eskimo Shoes. 
Personally I did not find the sliding around too irksome though so you may want
to use that equipment slot for some more useful item instead.

The Atolian Wyvern will initially be flying above Elise and Chante. It has two
main attacks: a poison mist attack as well as an attack consisting of two 
thunder balls. For the first attack, simply stay far away from the boss and the
attack will not reach you. You can then navigate around the remaining mist as 
it disperses. For the second attack, be on the move constantly and you should
be able to avoid them. The boss' routine while it is in the air is pretty 
simple: after launching an attack, it will move to the other side of the map
and launch another attack, ad nauseum (pretty literally too if you have the
Atolian Wyvern locked on and repeat the running away movements for a few 

To deal non-trivial damage to the boss, you will have to get it to land on the
platform. To do that, you simply have to damage it a little with magic. The 
boss' attacks become harder to avoid as the Atolian Wyvern is now closer to you
so do read the individual strategies on when to make it come down.

It may be a bit tough to target the boss because of the slimes and floating 
ghoul in the level so here are some strategies to do them effectively. One 
option is to lock onto the boss right at the start of the battle. If you press
the lock on button within the first few moments of the fight, you will almost
surely be locked onto the boss. Do not move the analog stick or shoulder 
buttons (assuming you're using the default controls on a gamepad) after that
and you're set for the whole fight. It is tougher to lock onto the boss in the
middle of the fight however. The key to do it effectively is to be near the
boss and facing it when pressing the lock on button. The trick will then be to
make use of the boss' routine to get it close to Elise and Chante. Stay far
away from the boss when it first makes an attack (move around a bit if the 
thunder ball attack is used to avoid it but still stay in that vicinity.) Then
wait for the Atolian Wyvern to fly across the map to near where you are 
standing, face the general direction away from the circle and lock on. With 
some luck and skill you should be able to lock onto to it.

Note also that there are two lock on "spots" on the boss: its main body and its
head/horns. Unless you are going for the hidden treasure, always aim for the 
body only (I suggest simply defeating the boss first in the story mode and only 
going on to the hidden treasure on practice mode as the hidden treasure 
challenge is significantly tougher to accomplish.)

The trick to bring down the Atolian Wyvern is simply to hit it with magic. Any
offensive magic regardless of damage caused will do if you manage to hit its 
main body (I've noticed you will need a few more hits if the magic hits the
head/horns instead.) It takes a little bit of timing to get the magic spells
(you'd want to use level 1 spells since damage doesn't matter) to hit due to
the constant moving of the boss. The trick is to launch the spell close to the
boss and with the path not blocked by any pillars. You also need to launch it
early when the boss has just arrived at a new location (camp at the boss' next
location first) so that the boss will not fly away before your spell hits it.

Strategy 1: The Earth Crystal is extremely powerful against the boss, making
the fight a really short one if you have it equipped. Thus, you can already 
make the boss come down with a magic spell from the start already (get magic 
stones by beating the slimes if you don't have any.) More conscientious players
may want to have 3 yellow magic stones picked up (for a powerful Meteor Impact
spell) before getting the boss to come down. When you got the boss down, cast
Meteor Impact if you have saved the 3 yellows. Otherwise, go up to it and 
attack with your physical attacks. Elise should be able to deal massive damage
with the Earth Crystal. You will want to stand slightly to the side of the 
Atolian Wyvern but not too much such that you are hitting the wings. This is
because the boss has a spinning move that deals damage if you are behind or at
the side of the boss. It causes knockdown so ideally you don't want the boss to
use that move. Instead, if you are still relatively in front of the boss, it 
will use its thunder ball or poison mist attacks. These attacks are 
considerably tougher to avoid compared to when the boss is in the air but still
avoidable if you get the hang of jumping to the side whenever the boss launches
the attack. Continue pummeling the Atolian Wyvern with your earth-enhanced 
attack and you should be able to defeat it in no time. If you were not quick
enough, the boss may fly back up into the air. Simply force it to come down
again with a magic spell and continue what you've done to end the fight.

Strategy 2: The alternative strategy is to capitalize on the boss' weakness
against Meteor Impact (3 yellows.) About 2-4 Meteor Impacts will be enough to
defeat the boss (of course, you will need the boss to be down on the platform
before casting the spell.) As the boss' attacks become harder to avoid when it
is down on the platform, you will want to store some magic stones first before
getting the Atolian Wyvern down. So keep whacking the slimes while avoiding the
boss' attacks (and the floating ghoul's attacks too) to get magic stones to 
drop. Ideally, you'd want to have 5 yellows equipped followed by a 
red/blue/green magic stone (pick the red/blue/green gem last!) You will also
want a yellow magic stone already on the platform. Then cast the level 1 fire/
water/wind spell to get the boss to land on the platform. Proceed to pick up
the yellow magic stone (for a total of 6) to cast 2 Meteor Impacts. You will
then want to stay far away from the boss to avoid its attacks before it flies
back up again (adventurous players with still a lot of HP left may want to 
attack it with physical attacks after casting the spells.) Repeat this at most
twice to defeat the boss. An alternative strategy is to have more than 6 yellow
magic stones out on the platform before calling down the boss so that you can
defeat it before it even gets the chance to fly off again. This is definitely
a possible option. However, picking up the magic stones will likely make it 
much harder to avoid the Atolian Wyvern's attacks so weigh the pros and cons
of each tactic according to your play style.
| TREASURE: SOUL PENDANT|                                                       
| Priest's Hint: "Now you must claim the Dragonslayer's Proof, child" (5 HP)  |
|    To get the hidden treasure for the level, simply inflict enough damage   |
| onto the head/horns of the Atolian Wyvern. Unfortunately, some of the       |
| strategies that work on the main body of the boss does not work too well    |
| here so this challenge is slightly tougher and might warrant having to      |
| it in Practice Mode rather than the Story Mode. For one, Chante's level 3   |
| spells seem to have a problem aiming at the horns, resulting in damage to   |
| the main body most of the time. This is not something you want as you want  |
| the boss to still stay alive. Physical attacks constitute one way you can   |
| inflict reasonable damage on the horns. However, the opportunities to use   |
| physical attacks aren't that prevalent; the only time you'd get to use them |
| is when the boss bends its head over for the poison mist attack, leaving    |
| itself vulnerable to a couple of jump attacks. What I found most useful was |
| using Icicle Edge augmented by a red magic stone. It does decent damage and |
| usually hits the target. An alternative will also be to first complete the  |
| story mode to unlock Chante's ability to use 4 magic stones and summons     |
| some spirits. Make sure you have the boss down on the platform and am       |
| locked on to the head/horns and let the spirit do its damage!

- BONUS: FLOATING GARDENS                                               [FL5] -
It's no surprise to see yet another simple premise for the bonus stage; after 
all, it's the treasure that we're after. To complete this level, simply kill
off all the floating eyeballs. Remember to stock up on charms to reduce the
magical damage you're bound to get.
| TREASURE: CANE'S STAFF|                                                       
| Priest's Hint: "Pass through without any tricks, little lady" (6 HP)        |
|    Once again, try to look at anything that looks out of place in this      |
| level. You'd notice a weird looking pillar at one corner of the map. So     |
| move over there, play around with the camera and you will notice a hidden   |
| platform on the lower level. Jump down there and you will be free from the  |
| floating eyeballs for some time. You should then see planks of wood. Your   |
| task will be to platform all the way to the end. The priest's "without any  |
| tricks" refer to the fact that you have to touch every wooden plank so you  |
| can't airdash your way to the end unfortunately. The first jump should be   |
| relatively easy but the others may pose a problem. A way that works is to   |
| equip your Winged Boots, jump vertically up at every wooden plank and Air   |
| Dash towards the next plank. This should work for all the planks until the  |
| end.                                                                        |



To be Continued...


- Magic                                                                 [MA1] -
The magic system in Chantelise consists of using magic stones that you can pick
up. There are 4 types: Fire (red,) Water (blue,) Earth (yellow,) and Wind
(Green.) You can hold a maximum of 6 magic stones, after which you'd have to
cast some spells before you're allowed to pick up more.

--- Elemental Weaknesses ---
Fire is effective against Water-based enemies and vice-versa. Similarly, Earth
is effective against Wind-based enemies and vice-versa.
To determine the elemental type of the enemies, (other than by observation:
most enemies are colored based on their elemental type) lock-on to them. The
lock-on indicator will be colored based on its elemental affiliation. Use this
to your advantage.

--- Augmenting your spells ---
In addition to the spells listed on your spell list, spells can be further
enhanced if you cast a different colored magic stone after the main spell. To
do this, order is important. The basic spell cast depends on the first magic
stones activated. An example should work best to illustrate how this works.
For instance, Blue-Blue-Red will cast Icicle Edge (level 2 Water spell)
enhanced by Red (increased damage.) Meanwhile, Blue-Red-Blue will cast Water
(level 1 Water spell) augmented by Red (increased damage) and Blue (status
effect.) Keep this in mind when picking up magic stones!
The basic augmenting effects of the four elements are listed below :-
-- Red: Increased damage/stats
-- Blue: Status effects
-- Yellow: Piercing/Bouncing spells
-- Green: Area effect
These are just the general effects of augmenting. Experiment and cast the
augmented spells yourself to see the actual effect!

- Open Questions                                                        [OP1] -
My plan for this guide is to finish the FAQ/walkthrough up until the beating
of the final boss and the hidden treasures in every level. However, the game
contains more than just the main game and hidden treasure, most notably the
fishing side quest and the survival dungeon.

Thus, this section is a call for anyone interested to write on these sections.
I have listed some questions that may be relevant in the writing of the parts.
This may be interesting to some of you because there is currently no FAQs
on them yet on GameFAQs.com so doing so will definitely increase our level of
knowledge on the areas on the site at least. So take up the challenge! Write on
it and submit your own FAQ or send it to me and I'd grant co-authorship when I
add it to this FAQ.

== Fishing ==
-- Where can each fish be found?
-- What are the requirements for each treasure from the master fisherman?

== Survival Dungeon ==
-- What are the mechanics behind the survival dungeon?
-- What strategies can one use to advance in this mode?
-- What treasures can be obtained here?

<Note: A quick Google shows that there is information available about these
topics on the web. In particular, Devastator has written a particular
comprehensive guide for the non-Carpe-Fulgar-localized game (see links below.)
Nonetheless, I still believe that writing on these questions is still
worthwhile. The reason is twofold. First, it will be a guide on the localized
version on the game. Next, it will be something new to GameFAQs.com, making it
much easier for people (like me) who tend to use it as the first (and sometimes
only) resource to find more information about a game.

--- Devastator's guide ---
Main page: http://blackguard.darkstargamers.com/Chantelise/
Fishing section: http://blackguard.darkstargamers.com/Chantelise/Fish
Survival Dungeon Section:

E. Credits
--- GameFAQs.com ---
For the wonderful site and hosting my FAQ.

--- GameFAQs.com Chantelise Board ---
For some strategies that didn't occur to me (specific citations provided in

--- Carpe Fulgar ---
For localizing the game so brilliantly, and allowing us to experience a game
we would never have been able to otherwise.

--- EasyGameStation ---
For the wonderful game, of course!

--- Notepad++ ---
Text-editing software used to type the FAQ.

--- Devastator ---
Found his guide when googling about fishing and the Survival Dungeon for the
Open Questions section. A great, comprehensive guide for the Japanese version
of the game; definitely check it out!

I would also like to thank all FAQ writers out there for their inspiration
and dedication and all other people who may have helped me in a way of another
through my writing process.

F. Concluding Remarks
This FAQ has been written in the spirit of "passing it on." So often a free FAQ
comes to the rescue when we are stuck in a game, so hopefully this will help
some people the way many FAQs has helped me.

I gain no profit from this FAQ and it is only fair that no profit is obtained
directly from the use of it. To make use of the FAQ for non-personal use (e.g.
hosting, etc) please just drop an email to lynx10@gmail.com to ask.

End Of Guide
(C) Copyright 2011, Kelvin Soh
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