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How to unlock other batman skins?

Is there going to be additional skins for batman for pc - like batman beyond skin? How about robin and nightwing packs? Are they going to be included, or purchasable? Please let me know.


Erpy answered:

Robin and Nightwing packs are available from the Microsoft Marketplace right now. The additional skins are probably released along with the console versions of the skin packs in early december.
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johndmes answered:

Robin and Nightwing packs are available now as paid DLC - Catwoman was included witht he PC version (it's a cost DLC on the consoles).

AFAIK the Robin and Nightwing skins are skirmish maps only - and Catwoman is only playable in Skirmish, and in her own sections of the main game. Thre's Riddler trophies specific to her - but I at least haven't gotten her into the sandbox as of yet.
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3078376 answered:

If you bought any new ones at the main menu after youve beaten the game on at least normal(and by main menu i mean the first menu were it says press start to begin) on the d pad( im talking about xbox 360 controllers here) press left left down down left left right up up down if done right you should here a weird noise and when you go to continue your game you should be able to use the skins you bought
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

They are purchasable in the marketplace.
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