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Asked: 3 years ago

Hi. I can't save my game??? what is the problem??? help me please

Batman Game Saving

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Early versions of Arhkam City don't always start up Games For Windows - LIVE properly on initial run. No GFWL, no game saves - as the game will not save at all if it can't find GFWL.

The cure, for my at least, was reinstalling GFWL and the Windows Marketplace (whiich is what the download's called nowadays) from After reinstalling, the game reliably opens GFWL on startup. That's also when you'll need to enter your serial - when you sign onto Live after the reinstall.

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*Download GFWL (games for windows live).
***Play Batman Arkham City.
****Login your account, if you don`t have one create an offline account (the link is hidden look for it).

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It must be reinstalled and then the compuster hardware must be reviewed, it is a memory issue.

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