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Need Help in killing Ra's Al Ghul?

i am playing batman on pc. Now the problem is that i have finished the two phases of fighting with ra's al ghul. i am stuck on the last phase where he's threatening to kill her daughter(Talia al ghul) with a knife & telling batman to kill him. But here my batman jsut stays like a statue & do nothing. I searchedon the internet about this & i found that at this stage a reverse batarang gets automatically unlocked but its not happening with me. I tried playing the main story thrice but to no avail. Its making me depress now coz its my fav game & i am not able to play it..plzz sum1 help..i'll b glad..thank u..

faiz22 provided additional details:

Thanx 4 d answer erpy..but its nt of any use coz as i said i cant do anything at dis point..the batman jst stands der with the sword lyk a statue..everything seems block scroll or middle mouse button doesnt do anything i cant select any gadgets..i tried pressin every single key of my keyboard & mouse but nothing works..

faiz22 provided additional details:

It didnt work madhurms..same scenario happening again n again..batman just stand there lyk a statue & ra's ghul keeps on insistin him to kill him n all dat but nothing happens from the batman side..:(

themerengueman asked for clarification:

I have the exact same issue. Batman just stands there holding Ra's sword and he wont release it, so he never gets the batarang. I can't select weapons or do anything. I can't progress further. I tried the lowest settings, and that still doesn't work.


Erpy answered:

Select the remote control batarang, aim it at Ra's head and press and hold the middle mouse button. (the one you use to detonate explosive gel after spraying it on a wall) Release the button and Bats will toss a batarang that automatically strikes the enemy from behind.
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MADHURMS answered:

set the game's screen resolution and graphics settings to the lowest and try..It will work.
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nasim15 answered:

So its simple in the game setting,all things do in low,listen game resolution 10:9 and not play game in full screen,on the upper in option full screen get it to off.
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omartawansy answered:

Nasim what is the 10:9 resolution i haven't seen it in my options and the problem still appears .. i turned off the full screen mode and i put the resolution to the highest point and still not working the worst part that i had to restart the level every time i try new thing it takes me along time could anybody help me plz :)
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alhabejayman answered:

Need Help in killing Ra's Al Ghul?
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debanjanman2011 answered:

To resolve this change the graphic settings to the least and turn full screen off. I too had this problem but now it is resolved......try it. Graphic settings can be changed from:
Go to the directory where you installed the game and enter the Binaries\Win32 directory, run the executable bmlauncher.exe.

The default location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CapsuleGames\Batham Arkham City - PC\Batman - Arkham City\Binaries\Win32

on 64bit windows, I suppose on 32 bit it would be

C:\Program Files\CapsuleGames\Batham Arkham City - PC\Batman - Arkham City\Binaries\Win32
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Turn full screen
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johnnyclaydavis answered:

I think you have to hit the batarang button 2ce, 1ce to drop the sword, then again to pull out the batarang (thats what i did) at which time you will get the reverse batarang upgrade
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