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Survivors of Vigils Keep? - Assistance Required

I have gone through the keep twice and rescued 3 survivors each time.
Once I am done the quest and check my journal, it tells me I have failed in rescuing all the survivors.
Where are the other survivors, and how the hell do I save them? I can't move forward in my game until I figure out how to finish this quest successfully.

Accepted Answer

Deamonic_Dragon answered:

there are 4 survivors in total if im not mistaken 1 that activates quest 1 in a small room on the left side of the hallway behind the big gate 1 in the room to the right when u have two ways to walk towards meeting Oghren(left and right doors) and the last is behind a barricade being assaulted by a Hurlock.
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Holeros answered:

Can't remember exactly, but there're DEFINITELY more than 3 survivors...
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