Question from chrono2455

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve the Wending woods puzzle with the stone pentagon?

I've never been good at puzzles like this, basically it's a pentagon with a circle and another pentagon within it and about 20 rocks I must connect with a trail of fire in one loop.

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From: Slash_out 4 years ago

I made this to explain how to do it easily : Pic link : h*ttp://
(Remove the * between h and ttp)
Also made a topic for this on the forum...

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when player pushing stone u must make flame path to return to 1st stone then it will reveal in middle chest with 1 nackle inside not very cool item u can leave it alone :PP

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Yeah I followed Slash_out's solution and the item was made of fail compared to the difficulty of the puzzle.

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