• Steam Achievements

    Breaking the 4th WallBlow up the 4th wall in a level with a rocket launcher.
    Charger!Win a game of Charge.
    Die in a FireLose a unit to a rocket.
    Disput....er!Win a game of Disputed.
    Exterminator!Win a game of Extermination.
    He Has a Better Beard Than You, ThoughDefeat 'Bin' in multiplayer.
    Hostage Situationalist!Win a game of Hostage.
    If at First You Don't Succeed, You Have FailedLose your first single-player mission.
    Master of Clicking on StuffFinish the tutorial.
    Now I Have A Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho.Play an Instant Skirmish and win with only your machine gunner left alive.
    Old StancherComplete the Single Player Campaign.
    So Many Levelings!!Get to level 100.
    The 10th CircleGet to Level 10.
    The Lament of the NoobLose your first multiplayer game.
    TinkeringsChange the map generation settings.
    True Focus Means Ignoring That Which is IrrelevantIgnore an enemy.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.