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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the most powerful spell in the game and how do i make it?

Im new to magicka and i do like to use lightning arcane and fire its good buti can do better can anyone help.

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From: Dream_Puppet 3 years ago

I just make them wet then cast cold on them...
Water by using shift / Rain / Water + Arcane (Far enough)


This is very strong while you are fighting less enemy, the damage increase and the enemy can't move.
You can use cold first to slow them then wet the enemy... Finally frost them till death...

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Steam, Steam, Lightning, Lightning, Arcane seems to be the best beam.

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^ That. In case you don't know: steam=water+fire

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Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Stone when fully charged does about 10,000 damage.
Ice = Cold + Water

Water, Shield, Cold, Lighting, Arcane is a pretty fancy move too. Does wonders if you store it in your sword because you can throw it as a straight line and pretty much mow down enemies.

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Merging a steam+lighting beam, with a cold+lightning beam in co-op, will create a really deadly beam. I recommend:
Player one: Steam+Lightning+Lightning+Arcane+Arcane
Player two: Cold+Lightning+Lightning+Arcane+Arcane

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