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Max level?

i was wondering what the max level is for Dragon age 2 so i looked it up and it says about lvl 50,now the weird thing is i can't get above lvl 14(i know weird).
I ain't getting anymore XP whatsoever,kinda annoying me to hell

mczuen provided additional details:

well the weird thing is that i'm not getting any more XP after lvl 14 so that is what is annoying me

mczuen provided additional details:

well i don't get anymore XP after i hit lvl 14,and not getting anymore attributes or whatever

Byer asked for clarification:

I suddenly stopped getting xp at level 4 for some reason. I can see the xp bar go up after killing an enemy, but after a short time (< 30 seconds) the xp disapears and I go back to 0/4,000 xp.

I've even tried the cheat codes to get more xp as a workaround but that doesn't work. But I know the setup is correct because I can give myself gold all I want. Needs xp! Anyone know a fix for this?

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Towodi answered:

The maximum level is 50. To reach it, however, you will need to cheat. Without cheating, you can only expect to obtain between 20 and 25 levels. This is where you should benchmark your builds. There is just not enough experience to be had in the game even at 100% play through to reach max level. Knowing the original game, I would expect this is intention and in the future to see an expansion pack that allows you to directly extend the story line from where you left off. I'd be surprised if this didn't happen.
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puenboy answered:

As of this moment, without cheats, maximum is about 20-ish maybe 25.
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Saint112192 answered:

25 is the max level, there is no actually "last level" because you continue to level up past that, but you will still show as lvl 25, you just gain Attribute and Ability points
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Pierredepompous answered:

If you use the console and go on using runscript addxp the game actually levels you up to lv50, u gain the attributes and spells and the level on your character menu shows 50. That is the max cap.

However, I finished a more or less complete play through ( i did all the plot,secondary and companion quests as far as i know, missed a few side quests) without the Sebastian dlc and ended up at lv23 before the final boss fight. ( without using the potion that gives one level up).

So a complete play through can get you lv24 (barely) and then use the level up potion to reach 25, unless bioware releases 20 or so more dlcs...
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Yes fo sho tons `o DLCs to come...but don`t buy wait until Game of The year edition or some-shet like that...then it will all be packaged nicely without teh bugs...
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Patch it! there`s a patch release on bioware webbie
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Andro21 answered:

the maximum level if u do every single thing, without the DLCs, is lvl 26. i got to 26 just before the absolute last battle. was at lvl 26 with 1200 exp out of 16000 required for lvl 27. that is definitely the final lvl reachable.

sorry, but i have no idea why ur no longer receiving exp or ability points.
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siddarthshetty answered:

It is difficult get past lvl 25 even if you complete all the side quests.
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bcarl answered:

Max level is hard coded at Level 50 to accommodate future DLC content. You won't reach it playing DA2 normally at present, but it's there for future content.

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ilikepie35 answered:

You can try to cheat .
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