Question from Sandvich123

Blue Name?

So i got a teamkill (artillery accuracy sucks) and now my name is blue. is there any way to force it away, does it go away after a little while, or does it never go away?


SwordBomb answered:

It may go away after the battle, if it doesn't, then just tell everyone it was an accident from terrible artillery accuracy
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Lowlightt answered:

It does in fact go away, rather quickly actually. It should go away immediately if your team kills you.
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Dobsje25 answered:

When your name goes blue it means you have caused damage to a teammate that the game servers deemed unnecessary in some way(example: you start shooting a teammate who is not in battle, or too many teamkills or shots hitting teammates whether in battle or not).

It goes away, after a number o matches in which you play normally, without causing damage to teammates whatsoever. But, once you go blue, and you continue to cause damage to teammates, you may face a ban from the game.
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sorrowscythe answered:

Blue name? That means you've done too many team damage, It will go away providing you DON'T do more, but until that happens you're bringing a curse to whatever match to lose. Personally in my 3 years of tanking I've never seen a team win when someone turns blue. The immediate moment someone turns blue, everything will begin to fall apart.

My suggestion? Practice, train your crew, install a gun layer, or quit arty.
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