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How do I make soap? 2
Hard fruit? 3
Tech points question? 1
How do you cut the stalks? 2
Healing Stews? 1
Why cant i place the rock at the hole? 1
Clothing House? 2
How Can i Heat a rock? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 8
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Help! I can't solve 9 cuz my scientist/farmer won't teach the boy. Why? 0
How do i make the pot boil and how do i make cloth? 9
How do I solve Puzzle 6 ,11, 15,16??? 12
How doy you make the fire? 4
How do I solve puzzle 3 about the stream? 6
Cloth? 1
Need help cooking food and crabs???? 2
How do I solve puzzle 14? 3
How do you solve puzzle #5 and #13? 2
How is a villager pure of mind? 3

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