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How do I solve Puzzle 6 ,11, 15,16???

could anyone tell me? Puzzle 6,11,15,16??

about puzzle 15 it say "only those pure body can purify the tree" what does it mean???

i had already taking a braid to start a lei, but it needs flowers, when i drag my villagers to flowers it say "this flower is not full bloom yet" anyone could help me?

Thanks :)

harpa6 provided additional details:

puzzle 14?
1. Boil pot with fresh water
2. Take 3 sweet herb
3. Cook
4. Take ur viillager to cook pot, and he/she will take it to the HOLE
5. it needs many villager
6. HOLE will be cured :)

anyone know about "Frog" puzzle?? and puzzle 11?? :)

harpa6 provided additional details:

sory, Frog puzzle had done, now only puzzle 11 and 16 anyone could help?? :)

yellowbloo22 asked for clarification:

How do you solve puzzzle 7?


c0nflct answered:

Puzzle 15 can be done... with soap and meditating
1. "Only those pure body can purify the tree" ==>> meaning u need to take a bath with soap (put the soap first then bath
2. "Only those pure mind can purify the tree" ==>> meaning u need to meditate at the flute place
after that u can purify the tree

Guessing u finish puzzle 14?? how to do that??
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c0nflct answered:

About Puzzle 16 =
See the 3 box on the research area with bone-like item in it? put some one there
and he will start a lei...... each lei need 1 cloth bolt be sure to have them

after you covered it with cloth, it need flowers........ at first you can't harvest flowers from the buds that said "this flower is not in full bloom"......
sometimes you see a blue bird pecking on a flower bud (Follow the bird) after the bird is done and flew..... that flower can be harvest about 1 minute or less..... repeat all the steps until the box is empty and finished ^_^

You got the frog puzzle?? mine says "this frog is not happy" Help plz.... (T_T)
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c0nflct answered:

Just got the frog i only need puzzle 11.....
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harpa6 answered:

Arrrhhhh... still don't know puzzle 11,, anyone??? T______T
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Paridot answered:

Puzzle 11 - Boil fresh water.. gather: one soap herb, one sweet herb and one spicy herb.. after cooking.. gather: one fish, one vegetable and one fruit (either hard fruit or berries).
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Indie_105 answered:

Puzzle 11- 1.boil fresh water
2.cook sweet, soapy and spicy herbs
3.and berries, a mushroom, hard fruit, fish, and food the food bin to trigger grand feast
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angeleyes1970 answered:

For the Frog puzzle,
1.It has to be raining, and the river has to be flowing,
2.Take a villager to the small puddels betwen the stairs and the sea, the villager will take a frog up to the tree,
3. It needs many villager,
Anyone Know about puzzle # 5 and # 13? :)
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22061993 answered:

Puzzle #5:
1. You must done puzzle 2
2. Put one of your villager to the stalk near the stream
3. And then your villager will take the cutting tool to cut the stalk
4. After that, that will be some green fog that cover your villager
5. And the butterfly will follow the fog
6. Just bring your villager slowly to the banyan tree or the tree of life

Puzzle #7??? after i move the rock, what should i do????
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22061993 answered:

Sorry puzzle 7 finished
Puzzle 10???
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yellowbloo22 answered:

Why Does Puzzle#14 is taking so long to cook?
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monoka1245 answered:

For puzzle 7 you need to have level 2 restoration and then clear the rubble near the hard fruit. Once the rubble is clear heat up rocks and put them on it until it is red. Then go to the big leaves near the berries and bring to the pit. Then done.
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gthyjukilo answered:

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