Question from septembershower

How do I solve puzzle 3 about the stream?

I dragged one of my villager to the v-shape dirt near the mesoleum. but they just wont clear the dirt. What should I do?


22061993 answered:

After you cleared debris you will see hole that look like v shape
After that take the key stone on the right side that look like v shape
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yellowbloo22 answered:

You need to clear the debris first.Then you will see a hole like a V shape.If you remember where the water falls,you will see a rock that looks like a V shape.First you need lvl 2 dendrology before you take the keystone.After that have a villager get the keystone and says"attempting to install the keystone".You need to wait to install the keystone to the hole.That is how to solve the stream.


It is not puzzle #3,it is puzzle #2.


To take the technology dendrology faster,take at least 4 master scientist.Because with 4 master scientist,you can accumulate 20,000 tech points in 2 hours.
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yellowbloo22 answered:

Needs Construction too.
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cnnp1998 answered:

In my game I have lvl 2 dendrology but when i put a villager into the keystone it just says that it need calculations need help plz!!!
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lady_ofthe_ring answered:

The villager must be adept in both research AND construction in order to pick up the stone.
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Kyr11 answered:

Like what everyone else has said, you need to clear out the debri and at the bottom of where the waterfall was there is the V-shaped rock. Though it is used to cover up the hole you first need to have one of the villagers with high lvl of both building and research knowledge before they can do any of that. You do NOT HAVE to have lvl 2 of the dendrology either. Just those two. I know this because my stream flows out every where it's supposed to. ^-^
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