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How do you become an inventor?

When i play it i can't seem to find out how to invent stuff like robots, etc

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Fire_Focx answered:

Inventing is a Skill, not a career. Still, Inventing has a career, Inventor( Self Employed)
To increase inventing skill, you must have Inventing Table, at Study>Hobbies and Skill
to invent or dabbling something, you must have scraps, this can be acquired from:
1. Digging at Local Dump
2. Purchase them trough the table
3. Alternative way, Explode something (trash pile included, in facts, almost all item are detonate-albe, so be careful not to exlplode your car)

Inevnting Class can be attended at local Laboratory, Inventing Career(Inventor) at Town Hall, req Inventing skill lv 1.

to have Sim-Bot, you must complete the Opportunity Chain, which needs:
1 Palladium
10 Life fruits
1 Heart shaped Pink Diamond
(forgot the others)

to maximized the living, these are the recommended traits for Inventor:
Eccentric [Important]--> For better inventions, ect
Born Salesman [less important]--> increase the price of inventions
Gardening [not important]--> required for planting Life Fruits

some facts:
1. Handiness skill is improved as well as Inventing skill at rate about half of inventing skill improvement
2. Logic is NOT REQUIRED, but if you want to, go ahead
3. Sclupting and Inventing seemed to have connection, i recommend to have Artistic and Savvy Scluptor, as they are the required trait for "Da Vinci Decendant" Lifetime Wish, and one of the Lifetime Reward, increase both Sclupting and Inventing

Reccomended Trait:
-Savvy Scluptor

Alternative trait:
-Born Salesman

For safety, sometimes inventing can cause Fire(Sim Fire, not House Fire, so Alarm won't work), and Electrocution. To prevent fire, use Brave trait(perhaps) and place a shower or something like it near the Inventing Table. Electrocution is not preventable, maybe.

I hope this help you. b -_^ [thumb up while winking]
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Cal_S answered:

There is an inventing station you have to buy. Once you have one of those, you can start building your inventing skill. If you're cheap, there's an inventing station in the fire department assuming you're using the new neighborhood.

The robot building gets a little more complex, however. You need to max out your inventing skill and then wait for an opportunity to pop up involving bringing palladium and life fruit to the science center.
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Jonkenden answered:

Like the poster above said you just purchase a inventing station and use it to get the skill, to offically have inventing as a job you have to go to a computer pick the "Self employment" on the jobs and proffessions section IIRC and then choose inventor from the options. I don't recall the full name of the option but it's pretty easy to spot once you go there.
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meg2525 answered:

To become an inventor, all you have to do is buy the invention table in hobbies, buy some scrap/root through the junkyard for it, and get your sim to "dabble" at the table until they are level 1.Then you can get them to invent items after.
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starjirachi1 answered:

You have to buy an inventing workshop or table to become an inventor. The table already comes with some scrap in it, but you have to buy or find more scrap to invent more stuff. One good way to get scrap is from the junkyard, because it's free.
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Nathaneil123 answered:

You actually have to register as self employed once you have the inventing skill (guessing at 1st level) you can register on the computer or at city hall (i think)
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Nathaneil123 answered:

You actually have to register as self employed once you have the inventing skill (guessing at 1st level) you can register on the computer or at city hall (i think)
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