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Life fruit?

I want like to make a robot but can't find any life fruit. Help plz.

meg2525 provided additional details:

Thanks for all your. I finally found one! :)

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Fire_Focx answered:

there are many ways to get life fruits, here are some steps:
1. Find "Unknown Special Seed", if you are lucky, that seed may be Life Fruit Seed, Gardening Skill required to plant, est. lv 10
2. Create Miner, dug up a hole, there is a slight chance to get one, i haven't got one anyways
3. Create Time Machince, go to either Past or Future, there also a slight chance to get one, but i have got 2 from past and future each.

Tips to find life fruit seed: usually near graveyard for both Town, if you are at Sunset Valley, it usually located at the back of Laboratory.

I recommend to increase your gardening lv to 10, so if you got one, plant it, and you got plenty of them.

hope this help you. ^^
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Z_Evil answered:

Not much to tell you besides get good at gardening and try to find unique/special seeds
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starjirachi1 answered:

I've already given up in making that robot. Although, there's another way in making one. You just need 40,000 lifetime reward points and purchase the "My Best Friend" lifetime reward.
Don't worry, not completing that opportunity won't let you miss anything, but if you really insist on completing it, try finding seeds using the collection finder and plant it. You must have a high enough gardening skill to do it.
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kem62285 answered:

U gotta get ur gardening skills up, and the life fruit seed is usually somewhere near the science lab. If u have enough lifetime reward points u can get the collection helper (looks like a butterfly) to help u find seeds. when u pick up a seed it wont say right away what type it seed it is untill u plant it and it matures. It's called a rare seed, or very uncommon.
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sequoia32801 answered:

The life fruit seed is actually considered a "special" seed. It won't tell you what it is, but the only plants "special" seeds produce are deathfruit, life fruit, omni plants, and flame fruit bushes. So you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the life fruit. Kem is right about it being near the science lab. I think I've also found them around the hospital as well. Hope that helps.
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Lalasa2 answered:

I finally got one after trying many special seeds. Just keep on looking for special seeds near the Graveyard, and you might just get one. They are really hard to find though, so keep the extra fruit fro more plants and robots.
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