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Why is there never a clerk in the consignment shop?

I have a game going in twinbrook and every time i go to the consignment shop the clerk never shows up and when i click on the register it brings up a grayed out browse option and if i put the mouse over it it says store closed, anyone know why? the last time i went there i got there at about 9 am and stayed until 1 pm when i got the carpool message for his job.


Kairon156 answered:

I'm not sure why this happened but if you can edit the shop I suggest you delete the cash-register and place a new one there. that should fix the problem.

the shop worker might have died?
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calshine answered:

Maybe you've been checking at the wrong time. Just wait a while when you have the register/consignment store on your screen. Someone should eventually walk up in front of the cash register.
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