Question from legendcolor

Why can I not play with friends ?

I know you have to do the tutorial section first but everytime i finish that bit and it goes to the loading screen it diconects me saying i dont have the right maps or something along those lines
this now means i can not join friends as i need to get to the hub first and i cant get to it

thepwnis asked for clarification:

Do you have friends? If not that could be the issue.

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Insanityisgood answered:

Right click Portal 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game cache
No need to delete everything.
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Shin_Gallon answered:

Sounds like maybe the files corrupted or something. Delete local content and re-install, see if that helps.
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NDSReviewer answered:

Portal is not multiplayer. But it can be played with other people on your PC using multiplayer mode, but you must have internet.
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