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Why won't the floor change colors?

When I throw gel at a floor/wall/ceiling, it sometimes keeps it's original texture, not changing colors. I tought this was because of the developer's laziness (the effects of the gel are still in place), but I later watched a video of the final boss and I saw the entire room changing colors... Such occurrence isn't random, some places will never change colors (Final Boss room) and some will always without problens (the room where white gel is introduced)
Am I the only one with this problem?

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It could be really a graphical glitch, but how do I fix it?
I don't think that my problem is that I'm trying to cover in gel surfaces that can't, the effects are still on place, when Weatley destroy the white gel container, filling his "lair" with i, the room doesn't change colors AT ALL, but I can portal where I should and defeat him

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I... have... a Windows XP......?
Sorry my incompetence, but I don't know about these details...
Well, at least I don't know what is a "P4 dual core and a GeForce 6200 XP SP2"

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cool_like_me answered:

I have the same issue. The only place I have seen gels paint a surface is the room where you first encounter the white gel.
I have a P4 dual core and a GeForce 6200

What hardware / OS do you have?
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_0blivion_ answered:

Sounds like a graphical glitch on your computer.
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lordcthulu answered:

I haven't had the problem of areas having the gel effect without showing the gel, but I know some surfaces can't be covered in gel, ever:
Any mesh or grate
Rounded surfaces (like pipes and cylindrical shafts)
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