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Co-Op Mode?

I have some questions before I get the game
1. Throughout the co op campaign, can you play with different friends?

2. Each time you play, do you choose whether you play as Atlas or P-Body?

Accepted Answer

DRX777 answered:

Your progress is kept independent of your partner. So if you complete the Co Op game, then start over with a new player, the progress chart for the courses will say 100%, and you'll be able to enter any course, even though one of you has not played yet.

If you get halfway, then need to start over with a new player, you can continue where you left off (even though the new player hasn't played those earlier levels)

And the host player is Atlas, the other is P-Body. For a better chance of being Atlas - invite the other player to your game. If you want to be P-Body, get invited. :D
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