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How can I use cheats on laptop?

I have and old Asus F5SR, which don't have a ~ button, but I can make ~ by pressing AltGr+1. I enabled the console in the game, but since I can't press ~ with 1 button console window does not show up.

Also tried adding -console to the portal2.exe's name. So when I start the exe I can see the console on the main menu. After I click on something, the console vanish. :S
Any ideas?

Tried changing the language of the keyboard, and also tried windows built-in screenkeyboard.
I'm using WinXP.
Also I'd like to add, that I already beat the game normal way, just want to try the cheats.

Accepted Answer

viperesque answered:

You can change the button the console is bound to in options>keyboard>edit keys.
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