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Can i run Portal 2?

all my specs are perfect for portal 2 exept one. i don't know how my graphics card will run portal 2. my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics Family. please respond. thanks.

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Morph_Altridies answered:

The box the game came in says that you need a Intel HD Graphics 2000 card or better. If you don't have one that meets that requirement the only problem you will have is the video being slower than the audio or the audio stuttering while trying to slow down to match slow video's pace in complex graphics areas. That's how it was for me. I suggest turning all the graphics performances to their lowest settings to try and speed up the video part as much as possible. Sure, it makes the game less enjoyable not being able to see it at full quality, but it's better than not playing it at all. Also, try and look away from open spaces or moving parts when the dialogue is on to make it less choppy. Turning subtitles on helps when if these kinds of problems occur.

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