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Repulsion Gel Keeps Missing?

I've been playing portal 2 for PC with no real issues (other than facing my own cheap laptop's lag) but I've finally hit a snag that doesn't add up. In Chapter 7, there's a big room with 3 tubes, a ledge with a door, above that a slanted "portal-able" area. There's a dripping bit of repulsion gel coming through onto the first floor of the structure.

The point is to try and launch the gel at another slanted surface on the first level of the structure, but every time I set it up, the gel shoots just above and over my target spot. I thought I was doing something wrong, so I went to search up a walkthrough guide. Every video and text guide I've passed shows no issue getting the gel to land on the target, and even after replicating the steps in every video, it still shoots over it.

I'm not sure what this could be, other than a glitch. Help?

The room is there.

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Silveron714 answered:

Reload from an earlier save and see if works when go through again. Otherwise try reinstalling the game (copy the saved games into another folder so don't lose progress). If still doesn't work go to the Valve website and go the game troubleshooting section and report the issue.
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