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Playing blind?

Less than 20 minutes ago, I downloaded Portal 2 off of Steam. Everything seemed to be working fine when I started up the game. I selected to start a new game, the game loaded, everything was fine. The problem comes when I actually start playing.

I get to the opening part where some computerized voice wakes me up for a physical. At this point, I'm playing almost completely blind. The only things the screen will show other than pitch blackness will be the commands on what keys to press to walk, instructions to look up, down, and I can open up the pause menu. This is naturally making the instruction to

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??? looks like it ate half of my question... Here's the rest.

"stand in front of the framed painting on the wall" pretty difficult to accomplish, and according to some guides I looked up to see if it naturally did that, this isn't supposed to be happening.

I'm very disappointed that a game I spent $30 for is broken right off the bat, and I can't get a refund or attempt to re-download. So what are my options at this point? I would appreciate it if I could re-download the game without spending another $30.

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Silveron714 answered:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If that doesn't work goto and have it make sure your computer can play the game. Otherwise try going to Valve website and indicate your issues with the troubleshooting link.
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