Question from andkey00

Portal gun in center of screen?

My friend told me how to change the position of the Portal gun and now I cant get it out of the center of the screen. I forgot what he said and he unfriended me. someone please ell me ASAP its getting anoying.

andkey00 provided additional details:

lol tell me ASAP not ell me XD

andkey00 provided additional details:

He didnt unfriend me because i forgot i dont know why he unfriended me

Accepted Answer

andkey00 answered:

OMG I FIGURED IT OUT MY SELF X,) *sniff* i was messing around with different cheats *sniff* X,) andi just found it it was viewmodel_offset_x 0 so it the question is closed.
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Hawkez answered:

This page should have what you want. or you could try something called Google.
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