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Asked: 3 years ago

Preservation of Mass?

I have already finish the single player game and I am try to get the achievements, but i can not figure this one out. if anyone has this already can you please share how? thanks in advance.

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From: dragonrev 3 years ago

After you wake up GLaDOS, you have to go through some of her test chambers. In after reaching the exit for number 7, GLaDOS informs you that the emancipation grill for this area isn't working and advises you very sternly not to take anything. At this point, put a portal in the wall in that hallway, run back to the test, place a portal on the bottom floor, take the cube, and jump through. You earn the achievement when you bring the cube to the elevator.

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For this achievement you need to bring the companion cube with you at the end of the level. If you need to know how exactly, check YouTube for guide videos. Example:

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It's in room 7. The particle field is off line. I'[m sure you can figure it out yourself.

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You can also complete it without a portal (for some reason it didn't dawn on my that I could put one in that hallway at the end). If you put the cube far enough over on the button close to the wall, you can crouch down from the top area and pick it up again.

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Chapter 2 - Chamber 7

Use the third cube to block the laser and call the elevator. Now use the white platforms to bring the box to the pad. Reach the exit zone, and take the hint from Glados. Shoot a Portal on any surface in the hallway, and take the cube through the other one, unlocking the achievement!

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