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Asked: 3 years ago

Need help getting, "Professor Portal" achievement?

I need help getting the professor portal achievement. So, has anyone here never played portal 2 co-op before, that would be willing to help me with this?

Basically, to get this, I have to beat the calibration course (the beginning stages, they're easy) with someone who's never played co-op before. Help?

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From: SheeEttin 3 years ago

There's a thread on the forums for this:

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You'll be better off posting this on the board, or on the Steam forums:
You probably already know this, but you also have to complete the co-op campaign first.

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I don't mean to sound rude or be captain obvious but did you ever think of, I dunno, Making a new profile on your system? Oh look, a new player, who has never played portal 2 before.

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