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Dispel chests?

I really don't know how to dispel a chest


SmokeRulz answered:

When that wheel comes up, your cursor will spin around it, and you have to press A whenever you're above one of the glyphs on the wheel. If you miss, then all the glyphs reset, and the glyphs reset on their own after a short time, so you pretty much need to dispel all of them in one shot around the wheel. Harder difficulties also have bombs on there and stuff.

I never bothered that much. With cursed chests, I usually just tried to force it with the Y button and if I failed I'd just heal myself with a potion or cure the curse I got at a healer later.
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craziii3 answered:

You need min 4 points(it is to get rid of the bomb/dark sigils) in dispelling if you want to dispel hard or higher chests. you left click when the spinning circle goes on top of a sigil. there are 3 levels of sigils. easy to tell them apart. the goal is to click all of the sigils before your time runs out or the sigils refill. you should always start with the level 1 ones.

you could just spend 8 points in dispelling and you can auto dispel most curse chests in the game. pop a dispelling boost potion for the very hard ones.
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